Making Breakfast Quick and Healthy

Since we had a very busy weekend I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking. What was I doing? Celebrating My Youngest’s birthday! With lots of fun at a local mini golf place, equipped with spooky decorations and black lights to make their light clothes glow in the dark the kids had a great time!

So, rather than leave you with nothing I thought I’d share some quick and healthy breakfast ideas I found over at Real Simple’s website. I love their magazine because it’s full of useful information and interesting product reviews.

The first idea is to combine some cheese cubes, apple slices and nuts in a plastic bag or container so that you can nibble on them after getting to work or while you are getting ready for the day at home.

Enjoy your whole grain waffle, but skip the syrup! Add a bit of peanut butter instead, and for a bit more fun (and nutrition) sprinkle on some raisins.

If you are in a pinch and end up at Dunkin Donuts, opt for the plain cake donut rather than one of their muffins. To make it more filling, grab a ¼ cup of almonds or dried fruit. If you can manage it, skip the coffee and have low-fat chocolate milk instead. That last one will be tough for many people I know!

They also suggest making a breakfast shake. While they suggest using a breakfast shake mix, I think it’s just as easy to make one for yourself – check out the Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie I’ve made in the past or the Blueberry Smoothie we also enjoyed.

Their idea of making a quick breakfast pizza sounds like a great way to make the usual morning routine more interesting. They suggest using a slice of crusty bread, ricotta and tomatoes but, I can see creating other savory options as well. Perhaps use a whole grain English muffin with a thin slice of fresh mozzarella and a tablespoon of salsa for some extra zing in your morning.

Keep energy bars on hand, but combine them with a serving of yogurt. Personally, I love Luna and Fiber One bars and if you pair them with your favorite yogurt they will keep you satisfied for longer. I’ve recently become quite a fan of Greek yogurt and it seems so much creamier which seems like a treat when I’m eating it.

Surprisingly, they suggest that if you must grab some fast food in the morning that the Egg McMuffin is a good choice. If you remove the top half of the muffin that brings the calorie count down, then add an orange for a fiber boost. The protein from the egg and Canadian bacon is what makes this a better choice if you must hit the drive-thru.

I love their idea of creating a cereal sundae. Start with some high fiber bran cereal, then use vanilla or lemon yogurt and fruit and nuts to create a breakfast filled with nutrients to start your day off on the right foot. It’s kind of like eating dessert first thing in the morning!

Make portable Huevos Rancheros! Slice up a hard-boiled egg, add a slice of ham and cheese and roll them up in a whole wheat tortilla. For a bit more flavor add your favorite salsa.

So, now you are armed with some healthy and SIMPLE ways to get the most important meal of the day into your body! No excuses to skip breakfast when it's really quite easy to put something not only nutritious but also flavorful on your plate!

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These are great ideas for breakfast, Patsy; your smoothies sound great for this hot weather!
Happy birthday to your son- sounds like he had a great day!
Susan @ SGCC said…
Great tips, Patsy! They just opened a new McDonalds a few blocks from me. Now, I can enjoy my Egg McMuffins without guilt! ;)

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