Alton Brown's Baked Brown Rice

I've been working hard to keep eating healthy in between all those cookie posts you've been reading. I even signed up for an incentive program at the gym at my office. Which means I'm working with a personal trainer 1-2 times a week in addition to my early morning workouts. It's just time to battle the extra calories and pounds in a serious way.

I wanted to serve brown rice with dinner tonight. Now, I've tried it before and felt it was just "ok", never quite got a taste for it. I love how healthy it is and really wanted to find a way to prepare it that would make it more appealing. Not too long ago, I remembered seeing some posts somewhere about the easiest way to prepare it so that it would come out fluffy and tasty. The method was to bake it in the oven and it would turn out perfectly. I tried to find my bookmark for it, but I've got several hundred blog posts bookmarked... not exactly the ideal way to keep them organized!

I did find a recipe on Food Network from Alton Brown - the foodie scientist guy. I can appreciate Alton for his uncanny way of breaking down recipes to create the ideal way to make them. I did discover that Cook's Illustrated published a similar recipe for making brown rice, the only difference was the amount of liquid. I had asked on Twitter if anyone knew the recipe I was looking for, and as luck would have it as soon as I put the Alton Brown version in the oven someone posted the CI recipe link!
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I have to say that I loved the rice prepared this way! It turned out fluffy and nutty - just as I had heard it should. You can find the recipe HERE at Food Network. I'll be serving this in place of white rice from now on since it is so simple and turned out perfectly!

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Deborah said…
I've never been much of a brown rice person, so I should try this out!
Alton Brown has some great recipes! I will check out your other writings! :)
Susan @ SGCC said…
What a great idea for making brown rice! I usually make it in my rice cooker with some orange or pineapple juice and chicken broth. I'll bet it would work in the oven too.
Anonymous said…
Yum, baked brown rice, I have not tried this yet, brown rice sounds nice compared to the white refined... = )
I'll have to give this a try as I'm always looking for new ways to prepare brown rice!
Leslie said…
I agree..brown rice is the way to go but sometimes it can be soooo BLAH!
I love the nutty flavor of brown rice, but I need some ideas to boost the flavor; thanks for the recipe, Patsy.
amycaseycooks said…
Thank you thank you thank you for finding this recipe. i do love brown rice but for some reason the stovetop cook time of 45 minutes never happened. Now I can toss it in the oven and forget about it.

Congrats on the articles!
ChefDruck said…
Interesting... I've always been turned off by brown rice. I'm tempted to try it out now. Thanks!

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