Agave Sweetened Low-Fat Bread

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Today I made a trip to Trader Joe's to pick up some things that I can only find there. If only they would open one that is more convenient! It's not like the one I go to is far away, it's just not on my way anywhere, so I have to plan to go there. If Trader Joe's is listening, I know of a great location for you... there's a perfect sized space in a strip mall not too far from me that is just calling out to be turned into a Trader Joe's! Ok, enough of my begging and on to something new I bought today!
I picked up a bottle of Blue Agave Sweetener because I keep seeing recipes on-line that use it. I never see it at my local grocery store so I tossed it in my cart with my other items. Agave is a plant grown in Mexico and is harvested after it is about 7-10 years old. It's a really spikey looking plant and the nectar that it produces is similar to honey and can be used in place of artificial sweeteners without the aftertaste. The bonus to doing that is that it is all natural.

Once I got home and noticed I had some bananas begging to be made into bread, I knew the recipe I'd be making tonight: Agave Sweetened Low-Fat Banana Bread from my friend Recipegirl. Not only did the recipe have my newly aquired Agave in it, but it's also low-fat. I'm still trying to find recipes that will help me stick with a healthy eating plan, and this one looked like a great one to add to that list.
From Family, Friends and Food
This bread was moist and dense with a lot of banana bits throughout. I really enjoyed it fresh out of the oven, but could definitely see it being equally delicious toasted with just a touch of butter on it. It was not overly sweet, but rather had just the right amount of sweetness in it. I wasn't sure if the Agave would significantly alter the taste, but it really did not.

Since the Agave was a bit expensive for the amount I purchased, I am going to price it out at a couple of health food stores to see if I can find a better deal on it. It's something I think I need to keep in my pantry for baking and sweetening other dishes.

Thanks, to Lori of Recipegirl for yet ANOTHER fantastic recipe!
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LaDue & Crew said…
Looks fantastic Patsy!I've not tried Agave, but definitely will now.You and Lori always have such great stuff!
Tenho um atelier café chamado AGAVE & CIA. Gostaria de divulgar sua matéria Agave Sweetened Low-Fat Bread em meu estabelecimento.

Sou também educadora e artista e trabalho com alguns segmentos do agave, transformo a fibra em objetos de arte e artesanato dando aula nas comunidades, principalmente as mais carentes. Gostaria também de poder ter uma amostra deste produto.
Deb Schiff said…
Hi Patsy,

That looks like some very tasty banana bread!

I use agave exclusively as a sweetener, and only taste the difference when I use it in ice cream. There's a bit of a sharpness if too much is used. Otherwise, no flavor difference to me.

Enjoyed reading your blog!
Anonymous said…

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I have yet to really bake with agave but this looks fantastic!

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