Presto Pasta Nights #113 Round-Up!!

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Are you ready for some fantastic pasta dishes? Well, get comfortable because this week's Presto Pasta Night's round-up is FILLED with incredible pasta recipes. Be sure to check out each of these blogs, I found some new one's that I'll be visiting whenever I can.

Our first entry this week is from Graziana in Italy who writes Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs). She made Leek and Peas Pasta which looks positively delicious with all that creamy goodness.

Our next entry comes from Sara at Cupcake Muffin. Her dish, Pasta with Roasted Fennel looks amazing and I think her idea to add sausage to it would convince even My Boys to try it!

Wiffy at Noob Cook sent in a Creamy Spaghetti that is very similar to a carbonara... can you say... YUM? I know I would be if it were served to me!

Windy from Windy's Food Corner made a comforting Bacon Pasta with Creamy Cheese Sauce that looks like it would be a snap to put together on a busy day!

Ferdzy at Seasonal Ontario Food shares my love of pasta and it's ability to help get dinner on the table in short order! She made Pasta with Cheddar, Cream and Spring Vegetables.
Ela in the Philappines who writes Everything's Herbed has shared a dish with some very interedsting ingredients, Batchoy Tagalog. Glenna from A Fridge Full of Food shared a fantastic all day, low and slow recipe for her All Day Spaghetti Sauce. It's filled with 3 types of meat and good-for-you veggies, too!

Sara from What Smells So Good? is sharing a wonderful meal she made for Mother's Day, Summer Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Croutons.

Kait from Pots and Plots made an Updated Chicken Rotel that was so good, she had to make it a second time to get a picture to share with us!

Breadchick at The Sour Dough is back after a break from PPN with Herb Chicken Pasta with Morels that will have you going in search of morels just so you can try this dish as well.
Lisa at Jerseygirl Cooks had a bit of a mis-hap with dinner one night and wasn't able to make what she planned. But, her mis-hap is our gain because she was able to put together Fettuccine with Crispy Pancetta and Peas in a matter of minutes.

Kitchenetta from Got No Milk brings us Linguine with Turkey Ragu that is positively mouth-watering!

From Gaga in the Kitchen we have a wonderful way to use homemade noodles! Try making Niu Rou Mien (aka: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup) for a bowl of comfort.

Next up is a creamy Tortelloni with Goat cheese dish from The Sweet Kitchen. This dish is a grown-up version of the Italian dish often served to young children, pasta with formaggino. Who could resist this?

Ty's Mommy at The Seventh Level of Boredom re-created a favorite dish from a restaurant she worked at, Beef and Noodles. It looks like the perfect dish for a cool day. Muneeba from An Edible Symphony came up with a slightly different version of Chicken Giouvetsi / Youvetsi based on previoius Presto Pasta Night submissions. Hers is full of flavor and after eating it you may find you crave it frequently.

Ann at Pig Pig's Corner made recreated a dish she enjoyed while in Malaysia, Spicy Penne with Roasted Corgettes, Prawns and Pesto. One look at this dish, and you'll be wishing you could taste it now.

Thyme for Cooking brings us Shrimp, Avocado and Olive Pasta that would make a lovely lunch or a perfect side dish to bring to a barbeque.

My good friend, Shelby from The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honebunch, joins us this week with a quick and easy side dish, Garlic Noodles. Total YUM! Katie at One Little Corner of the World finally found a homemade Mac and Cheese recipe that her husband likes better than the blue box!

If you are looking for homemade pasta, check out Colleen's Recipes. Her husband bought her a pasta roller and her first time out she made a gorgeous Chicken Tetrazzini with Homemade Noodles.

Joan at Eats Well with Others is beginning the countdown to finishing college with a nice light pasta dish, Indian Spiced Chickpeas and Kale over Fusilli. Perfect for a warmer evening!

I've been getting to know Mary from Baking Delights over on Twitter recently, and I am so happy she decided to join in and share her Chicken and Noodles with Rosemary & Swiss... truly an updated take on classic comfort food.

Juliette from A Little Foodie may be a busy grad student, but she still managed to find time to put together a tasty dish, Quick Leek and Mushroom Pasta. Finally, my entry which shares my continued personal challenge to master homemade pasta. Thanks, so much, to everyone who shared their amazing pasta dishes with us this week! I also want to thank Ruth from Once Upon a Feast for allowing me to host, I truly enjoyed finding all of these fantastic blogs this week! Next week, Presto Pasta Nights will be hosted by Kitchenetta of Got No Milk.

Send your entries to tfree123 (at) comcast (dot) net and cc me ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) comCheck for the roundup on May 22.

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it is really hard to read all these while drinking my coffee and eating my boring toast! they all look soooo good!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
What a great round up. I keep meaning to submit a pasta recipe. Maybe next week I'll do it!
Aggie said…
Wow, I'm craving pasta for breakfast!! All the entries look delicious!
Cate O'Malley said…
Awesome round-up - so many good new recipes to tackle!
kitchenetta said…
Thanks for a mouth-watering PPN. I'm so hungry now!
What a great bunch of pasta recipes! They all look mouthwatering!
I may do this next time.
Ruth Daniels said…
Fantastic roundup Patsy!!!
I can't wait to get back to halifax to really "dig" in.

Thanks for a brilliant hosting job and thanks all for your delicious dishes.
Katie Zeller said…
Now I'm in the mood to start dinner.... But what to make? They all looks so wonderful!
gaga said…
Wow, so many great new pasta dishes to try. Thanks for hosting!
pigpigscorner said…
So many wonderful pasta dishes this week! Yum yum!
Shelby said…
What a great round up!
Muneeba said…
Oh geez, my tummy is growling again ... all that creeeeamy dreamy pasta! Excellent round-up, and now I'm gonna hope over to the blogs of some of my favs for this week (whose photos I cannot resist!). Thks for hosting & doing such a great job, Patsy!
Glenna said…
Wow! Look at all those wonderful dishes! Great round-up Patsy, thanks for all your hard work.
Ela said…
congratulations patsy! great roundup. having a hard time which recipe to start...
What a delicious round up!
Melissa said…
Either I am craving pasta or this last roundup was *amazing*. Probably a little of both!
Noob Cook said…
nice round up! everything looks great :) Thanks :)

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