Fruit Chillers

Last weekend, we had some wonderful warm days and My Youngest decided that my mini-van should be washed. I just love when they come up with these ideas on their own, and Dad handles the supervision of the activity!

After working so hard, I was happy to pull out some treats I had received to review last week. Del Monte has come out with some frozen treats, Fruit Chillers tubes, that will appeal to kids (and adults). They contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors, unlike those other frozen tube treats. A bonus to adults who are watching their calories - only 55 calories per serving (or 1 point for those on Weight Watchers). I like that I can pronounce all of the ingredients in these treats, and that they are made from real fruit purees.

From Family, Friends and Food

These treats are closer to a sorbet than the fruit ices that typically come in the frozen treat tubes. They don't require any effort either - just stick them in the freezer overnight. Quick and easy, which is always nice when the lazy days of summer arrive.

As you can see, both of My Boys gave these a big thumb's up. We also shared some with the neighbor kids over the weekend, and they were a hit all around. The kids sampled Grape Berry Blizzard and Strawberry Snow Storm. Both were well liked, but I think the consensus was that the strawberry was the overall favorite.

Since a box of 8 is only $2.89, I'm sure I'll be keeping some of these no-guilt treats on hand this summer.

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Linda said…
Thanks for the info on these. I will look for some to keep in the fridge for the grandkids.
Cate O'Malley said…
Nick has been eating those lately too - a treat without the guilt, perfect.
Aggie said…
I have to look for these!! My kids would love them! Your boys are adorable!! And love the car washing!
Anonymous said…
It is about time.. we don't need HFCS for sure-- I remember those other varieties when I was a tot..

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