ZestyCook Giveaway and a Good Cause

My friend, Cory, the creator of Zestycook.com has undertaken an amazing venture. He not only has a fantastic food blog filled with great recipes, but now he's launched the Zesty Clothing Line! How cool is this shirt?

This is just one of several that are available. But, the shirt isn't the coolest part of his new venture. The best part is that the profits from the sale of his shirts and aprons will go directly to the Food Bank!

If you'd like to win a shirt or apron, head on over to Zestycook and read the details there, let's join together and help the Food Bank!

Be sure to check back here on Friday, as I'll be sharing those Passover Brownies I promised!

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Shelby said…
This is for a great cause! I actually bought an apron and am excited to get it!

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