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There are just some days that you get home and a bit of chaos ensues which then leads to not being very inspired to make dinner. Let's just say that the chaos was a result of a very tired young man who collapsed before 7 p.m. tonight. After everything had quieted down, I had to come up with something for dinner.
I asked my twitter friends and they came up with some great ideas... chicken and cauliflower in parchment, Mediterranean chicken, as well as an amazing sauce for linguine. All have been marked for a later time because I ended up throwing together something rather simple, yet delicious.
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Yes, you are seeing breaded chicken strips again! This time I seasoned them with Penzey's Old World Seasoning. They say this is their answer to Lawry's Seasoned Salt as it's a lower salt seasoning. The combination of spices mean that this blend can be used on just about anything. I plan to try a few other ideas over the weekend - perhaps sprinkled over popcorn tomorrow night! I combined about 2 cups of Panko bread crumbs with 1 tablespoon of the Old World Seasoning and it was just the right blend for a seasoned chicken strip. Nicely done as My Oldest managed to eat 5 or 6 strips on his own. I like preparing the chicken in strips because they cook so much faster and they seem to stay nice and crispy when they are smaller pieces. It also makes for a simple dinner that I can put on the table within 30 minutes - Rachael Ray would be proud!

I also pulled out a package of Trader Joe's Spinach and Chive Linguine to serve with it. I had purchased it awhile ago, and tonight I wanted something more interesting that the usual pasta with dinner. I really liked the flavor of the pasta, although it did make me think of baked potato flavors. Not a bad thing, but that was what popped into my head as I was eating it. My Oldest did not like it at all. So, I guess I'll have to get creative with the leftovers to see if I can convince him to eat it in another form.
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That's it. I'm coming over to your house for dinner! This looks so delicious! :)
Linda said…
I love Penzey's spices. I have not tried this one so it is nice to hear it is good. Thanks....and dinner looked good!
Anonymous said…
The linguine is just "off the hook" maddening.. what a nice fusion going on there....
Coleens Recipes said…
I am not familiar with Penzey spice. I'll have to check it out.
This looks delicious! I'm a big supporter and fan on Penzey's sister company, the Spice House so I'll have to check there for similar spices!
Cate O'Malley said…
The chicken looks great - gotta love Panko for the crispness it delivers!

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