Milk & Cookie's Double Chocolate Cookies & Lynda's Recipe Box

We had another day of unusually warm weather today, I think we hit 90 again! No humidity, but still hot. When we got home today, both boys went right outside after homework was done and started up with the super soakers and the sprinkler. Only one more day of this and we'll be back to more normal temperatures for this time of year.

Since it was going to be nice enough to eat outside again, I had decided to pick up some fish for dinner. While it was good, it wasn't really "blog-worthy". So, after we got the boys into bed, I pulled out the Milk & Cookies' Double Chocolate Cookie mix I purchased back when we were on the Greenwich Village Food Tour. The mix only requires a stick of butter and one egg. Can't get much easier than that for some quick and easy cookies. I made them significantly smaller than they do at the bakery, so I ended up with about 3-4 dozen cookies. I like my cookies a bit smaller. Now, the package says to bake for 10-12 minutes or until cookies are firm. Well, mine took closer to 18 minutes to reach that stage, and I think it would be better to slightly underbake these cookies. If you don't, I would recommend removing them from the baking sheet immediately so that that do not continue to cook. I think these cookies will need to be kept in a really tightly sealed container to prevent them from getting hard.

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What did we think? Well, I thought they were nice and chocolate-y, and thick cookies like they make at the bakery. I'm not sure I would go out of my way to purchase the mix again, but if I were in NYC or at Whole Foods I might pick it up so that we could enjoy their cookies at home.

Now for something I'm thrilled to tell you about! I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kristen from Dine & Dish over the past year. She's such a sweet person and is about to have her 4th little one VERY soon! I remember when I first started blogging that Kristen hosted an Adopt-A-Blogger event, but I found out about it too late to be adopted. The idea is that a more experienced blogger (someone doing it for over 1 year), agrees to mentor a new blogger. I loved the idea so when she mentioned that she'd be doing it again, I immediately agreed to do it! She had such a great response this time and had 114 food bloggers to pair up!

My adopted food blogger is Lynda of Lynda's Recipe Box. She has been blogging a few short months and has already shared a nice assortment of recipes ranging from appetizers to comfort food to budget friendly recipes to chocolate! A woman after my own heart! She cooks with ingredients that are easy to find, which is something I can certainly appreciate! Please do stop on by and say a friendly "hello" to Lynda! I'll be browsing her recipe archive to see what I may need to add to my list!
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Cate O'Malley said…
I am so glad the weather broke a little bit today - this weather is perfect! Cookies look great!
The cookies look delicious; chocolate would be hard to pass up anytime for me!
Thanks for mentioning my blog!

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