London Broil and O & Co.'s Salt & Herb Blend

It's been a busy few days, which is why I haven't posted since last week. What have I been up to? Well, these 2 guys are both in baseball this spring!

From Family, Friends and Food

So, as I get my bearings with getting dinner on the table much later than usual my postings may be a little more sporadic. I hope that my plan this week works a bit better, especially since we only have games on one night. Any ideas on how I can split myself into 2 people so I can watch both games at the same time? Thankfully, this is the only conflict we have with games this season, so I do consider myself quite lucky.

I did manage to make a nice dinner tonight. London Broil was on sale for $1.99 a pound for a twin pack, not too bad at all! Of course, then I needed to decide on how to prepare it. After an afternoon at a kid's birthday party my ambition was a bit dimmed, so I pulled out a seasoning mix I purchased from O & Co. Their Salt & Herb Seasoning for Meat is full of flavor and adds plenty of flavor to London Broil. The seasoning can be used with beef or poultry with equally delicious results.

From Family, Friends and Food

I enjoyed my serving over simple greens with a drizzle of the aged balsamic vinegar I picked up from O & Co. The meat was nicely seasoned, and not overwhelming as both of my boys still devoured their portions. We are looking forward to enjoying the leftovers this week!

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Anonymous said…
I am not so much of a meat person ( I am but not so much steak) but if I were I'd totally love this!!! hehe "wink"

I wanted to say how SINCERE your children look, it is very refreshing to see.
Coleens Recipes said…
Your little guys are beautiful!!
Leslie said…
I love London Broil..and it looks cooked perfectly
Christy said…
London Broil..Mmmmm! Your boys are absolutely precious! Good luck at the ball games. :)
Megan said…
You got some good looking boys there. Precious kids! Good luck with the cloning. ;)
The meat looks excellent and what a great price. I need to be pricing London Broil around here.
Cate O'Malley said…
I totally hear you on refiguring a new weeknight routine. Between soccer, karate and scouts, it's tough!
This looks perfectly prepared! Yum!
Kristin said…
We have the same issue during ball season. Not a good time for intense (who am I kidding, any)recipes! Just get something in them and head out is what usually happens!! Its so worth it though, huh? I love it!

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