A Jar of Sauce to Make Dinner a Snap!

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by the nice people who are marketing Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Pasta Sauces. I was immediately intrigued because they are all natural with no preservatives. They use quality ingredients such as San Marzano Tomatoes and Napa Valley Wine in them. My mouth began to water just reading about them.

Tonight, I needed to make a quick and easy dinner so I decided it was time to open up a jar of the Creamy Marinara sauce. I sauteed some chicken strips in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, then I added some grape tomatoes to the pan and let that all cook for 3-4 minutes. I then added about 1/2 the jar of the sauce to the chicken and tomatoes. Oh, dinner was smelling so good!

While all that was going on, I cooked up some penne pasta to serve it over. Really a quick and easy dinner that a nice leafy green salad would compliment. And, if you have a bit of extra time, perhaps some bread to get every last bit of the sauce off of your plate!

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The sauce is really delicious. The flavors are more complex than what you would normally find in a jar of pasta sauce. You can taste the additional flavor of the Napa Valley Wine that is added, and for me that really made the sauce much closer to what I could make at home.

My Boys, who are not big fans of sauce, ate their portions up without a single complaint! That certainly means I'll pick up a couple of jars to keep on hand for the busy baseball season we have ahead of us. I was happy to find two of the sauces at my local grocery store, as they are new to the Northeast. I do hope that more are on the way, as I'd love to try some of the other flavor combinations I found on their website.

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Coleens Recipes said…
What a gorgeous photo!
LaDue & Crew said…
Nice to know- I'm pretty picky about my sauce, too. Baseball has kept us purdy busy too!
Shelby said…
I'll have to keep my eyes open for this product. We are always some of the LAST places to ever get anything around here!

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