Marinated London Broil and Fried Pasta

We've been watching our grocery expenses rather closely lately, not unlike the rest of the country. When we did our shopping yesterday, My Husband noticed that London Broil is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat. Since it was a large piece of meat, we figured we could get more than one meal out of it. Into the shopping cart it went.

Once we got home, I went searching for ideas on how to prepare it. I ended up finding a recipe on Cooking Light for Marinated London Broil. I liked that the marinating time was a few hours rather than overnight. A quick and easy 2 hour marinade worked out really well. I don't often use marinades in the Winter months as I am not fond of going outside to use the grill when it's cold outside. This was simple to prepare inside by broiling it. Next time, we will probably cook it for a few minutes longer as we like beef to be a bit more medium to medium-well than it was. Still figuring the cooking time out.
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It was actually kind of funny to watch Our Boys eat dinner last night. My Husband cut the pieces into bite-size bits for each of them and they literally went to town on it. Should have known they would enjoy it, but never imagined My Youngest would want as much as he ate. It reminded me of the first time I remember having steak growing up. My mom gave me a few bites and I walked away. Next thing, she new I was back for more. Not sure, but I think I may have eaten nearly an entire steak by going back again and again that night.

The flavors of the marinade worked well together and even had the slightest "bite". We'll be picking up this cut of meat again, I'm sure. We've got some leftover and I am thinking that topping a salad with a few pieces would be delicious. Any other ideas on what we can use the leftovers for - if so, please leave a comment (and link if you have one).

We served the London Broil with a favorite of mine, Fried Pasta! If you haven't tried Fried Pasta you really should. It's completely NOT healthy, but if you are looking for comfort food that has a bit of crunch this one is for you.

It was a wonderful dinner for a Saturday night at home. Today, I'm making a roasted chicken which is another great budget friendly dish. You can roast a chicken on Sunday and then use the leftovers throughout the week to make other great meals. I generally purchase whichever one is on sale, some weeks its the larger chickens and others its smaller birds. Either way, we end up with a lot more food than we can eat in one meal.

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RecipeGirl said…
I like this recipe- very family friendly. My kiddo likes his steak too. That fried pasta sounds interesting, but definitely something I should avoid at the moment!!
sj said…
thank you for the mention :)

I think yours look really great and the great thing about it is how budget and family friendly these recipes are... so timely! Thank you!
LaDue & Crew said…
I love London broil, and just made it last week, too, as it was on sale. We had 3 meals out of it- absolutely a great cut of meat for a budget.

In a Ziploc baggie I added 1/2 of a small container of plain Greek yogurt. To that I added some Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning, a little Ranch seasoning, and a teeny bit Smoked Paprika. Mixed it all together then added my London Broil. I kept it in the fridge for 2 hours.

I have a small indoor grill (here the weather is warm, but I was too lazy to go outside, lol)and I grilled it for about 8 minutes on each side. We love ours a medium rare to medium around here. It turned out fabulous. The yogurt was a great way to marinade, as it was fat free and super thick. I served it with roasted garlic potatoes that I mashed with chicken stock. It was a healthy meal that felt like a nice rib-sticking comfort meal!

With my left overs we made hubby sandwiches for lunch, fajita's, topped salads, and in the past have made open faced sandwiches topped with cheese and set under the broiler- Yum!
Cate said…
My grandmother used to make a steak salad that I loved, so sometimes I make it when we have leftover steak. Just a simple dressing with olive oil and Dijon mustard and a little bit of salt. Yum.
Heather said…
that london broil looks delicious! it's one of my favorite things to make because leftovers can be used in salads, paninis, cheesesteaks, and so many other things. and i missed that fried pasta post - glad you linked to it again! it sounds DELICIOUS!
Karen said…
That steak looks perfectly done to me ;) I'm off to check out the fried pasta post!
Aggie said…
I want some fried pasta bad....and some of that London Broil. That looks and sounds great! I am going to pick one up next time it goes on sale.

I was thinking it would be great on a salad, but also how about steak sandwiches? You can make them philly style.
Thistlemoon said…
You know, I have never made London broil before, but I imagine you could use some in a stir fry or as taco fillings - or maybe just for nachos?
Anonymous said…
oh that fried pasta sounds awesome. i just read your method of making it. I've never even heard of it, but it sounds like fun to make. i feel like it might be the kind of thing that gets easier with practice?

PS: I've moved:
Mary Bergfeld said…
We love London Broil in all its guises. And your fried pasta is to die for. I'll diet tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
I love London Broil because it is so ecomonic. It's usually a cut of meat I get in the summer time, but I have made this recipe with the leftovers:

And when I make whole chickens I usually have the whole chicken one meal, chicken tacos with the meat picked off the bone, and then lastly, make chicken soup with the carcass - very cost effective!
Leslie said…
FRIED PASTA???!!!! Oh my! I must try that!
And be careful cooking that London Broil. the more well done it gets, the tougher it becomes.
Lisa and I do enjoy a good London broil. It looks like you cooked it just right to me. - John
Shelby said…
Grumpy would LOVE this! He is always wanting me to make beef - so I'm bookmarking this to try the next time!
James said…
I love Fried Pasta but i can't make.

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