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I was introduced to Japanese cuisine by My Husband back when we were dating out in Kansas City. When I was growing up, there weren't a ton of Japanese restaurants - certainly none in our part of town. That was a drawback to growing up out there when I did. The number of ethnic restaurants were few and far between and we didn't go seeking them out either. I was in high school before I discovered Chinese food, and it's been a favorite ever since.

So, back to my introduction to Japanese food. I had always been very afraid of eating raw fish, so My Husband was smart to start me out with the maki rolls. Most of them are either vegetarian or have cooked shrimp or crab meat in them. That was a perfect way to begin for me. I also learned how to use chopsticks at Jun's Restaurant - apparently, it's still there based on my internet search. Ever since my first taste, I've loved Japanese food and am always on the lookout for new places that are in my part of New Jersey.

Once we got married and I moved to New Jersey, I was lucky enough to be introduced to his favorite place for Japanese food. Unfortunately, they decided to close up after I became pregnant with Our Oldest. What we liked about their maki rolls was that they sliced them thinner than any other restaurant. The thinner pieces are so much easier to eat, and hold on to with chopsticks.

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While shopping this weekend, My Husband picked up a sushi making kit similar to this one, Joyce Chen Sushi Kit . I was busy relaxing on the couch with My Youngest while he made them, so I can't describe the process. He said it was actually rather easy to do, so next time I'm sure we'll try some other ingredients that suit our mood.

I think that for a first time attempt they were perfect. I had some Wasabi powder from Penzey's and that was the perfect hit of spice to our soy sauce. I know I mention Penzey's often here, but they really do have an amazing selection and the freshest spices I've found so far. Maybe one day they will open one a bit closer to me than in NYC. Of course, that does make a nice excuse to head into the city!
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Heather said…
yum! i love sushi. nick and i were just talking about the thick/thin slicing thing yesterday. we were having dragon rolls and they were cut so thickly it was difficult to use chopsticks. i definitely agree on the thin slice!! we generally ask places to slice 8 pieces rather than 6, but forgot yesterday.
Mary Bergfeld said…
Patsy, bread and sushi? You are a lucky lady, but then he's a lucky guy!
Anonymous said…
Hi there P! What a surprise! I live in Japan.. how can I not like sushi? Do you have any favorites? Let me know if I can send you a care package from here, or ingredients you may want or need. I think you did a fantastic job!!!
Megan said…
WOW, he did a fantastic job! I'm not big on the raw sushi either but I like what you mentioned. Here they are called Calrfornia rolls inless I'm confused and they are actually two different things. I'm not very educated when it comes to Sushi. :)
Anonymous said…
I have recently been introduced to sushi and have to admit that I am thoroughly addicted! Jun's still exists...if you are referring to the one in Johnson County. There are actually a minimum of 5 sushi restaurants north of the river now. I am particularly fond of Moonlight sushi right next to Liberty.
RecipeGirl said…
Great job! Sushi making is definitely something that I would love to do one of these days.
Looks great! I've had the wasabi powder from The Spice house (sister company of Penzeys) and it's wonderful. I'm sure it's pretty similar, if not the same product. :)
Thistlemoon said…
How fun Patsy! I love sushi myself and my youngest step daughter adores it. I plan on having a sushi party this summer when she and her sister are visiting us!

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