Brownies To Rock Your World

I bet that title caught your attention. Well, it was meant to! Check out these brownies:

From Family, Friends and Food
Last week, My Husband discovered Stumble Upon and when he hit the Stumble button, he was brought to the blog, eat me, delicious. There was a picture of these Marshmallow Crunch Brownies that looked too good to pass up. These brownies have been a hit with Culinary Concoctions by Peabody and Nosh With Me - so, with all of these good reviews how could I just add this recipe to my ever growing pile of things I want to make "someday". This recipe had to be made now, not a year from now.

These brownies are truly a piece of chocolate decadence. They are worth every single dirty dish and measuring cup and spoon. I made them as a dessert from an impromptu get together we had with some friends this weekend. To say that these were a hit would be a the understatement of the year. I had some leftover and took them over to a neighbor's house and her girl's loved them as well.
The only one who didn't care for them was My Youngest who informed me that he only likes Rice Krispies in milk. Oh well, more for the rest of us! You could make them without the Rice Krispies, but that crunchy bite compliments the rest of the brownie... they are simply irresistable. Like I said, they will rock your world. Yes, they are THAT good!

Since this recipe has been shared in 3 other places, I will send you to those sites I mentioned earlier rather than re-type it here. Please do visit these blogs, they are great resources for recipes and yummy food photos!
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Cristine said…
Yummy looking brownies! I could go for some chocolate right now!
Stacey said…
I love these! They are one of my favorite things to make. The texture and taste are amazing. Your're right, they most definitely rock!
Elle said…
Oooh, those *would* rock my world!
Jenny said…
Yes Patsy,
I could do some major damage eating those bad boys! They look terrific!
Mary Bergfeld said…
These are great looking brownies.
Megan said…
YUM! My world needs some brownie rockin!
Yummy! Those look incredible!
LaDue & Crew said…
Rice krispies~? Now I'm intrigued!
Oh my. Oh mymymy.

Consider my world rocked. Those look wonderful. - John
Heather said…
mmmm. my world needed rocking today. those brownies look AMAZING!
Cate said…
We've been doing brownies here alot lately, but these may be too good to pass up.
Robin said…
Patsy thanks for pointing these out, my hips thank you! I am going to bookmark these and like you will have to make them sooner than later!
Lacey said…
Looks delicious!
This looks sooooo good! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
OH my... a stumble he did indeed.. these look like they are full of choco delight, lush and divine. What a nice fusion of goodness.

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