Culinary Broth - Rich and Full of Flavor

Not too long ago, I was contacted by the folks who represent College Inn about their new line of broths. As I always keep some chicken stock on hand for various uses, I was intrigued by this new line as they were infused with different flavors.

The first one I tried was the White Wine & Herb Culinary Broth. The moment you open the resealable box, you are hit with an aroma that is blend of wine, thyme, oregano and rosemary. These are all flavors I enjoy, so I had high hopes for this broth. Rather than make a soup that had a lot of components to it, I decided on keeping it simple with tortellini in broth. This would allow me to thoroughly enjoy the flavors of the broth.

As you can see below, the broth is very rich looking, not pale as most store-bought broths can be. Those broths can often be flavorless, which defeats the purpose of adding broth to certain recipes.
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I was not disaapointed in this broth - not in the least. It was full of flavor and made my house smell wonderful as I heated it up. It was delicious! I have another broth to try and will share my thoughts on it very soon!

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Linda said…
Patsy, I too was contacted by the College Inn folks after I blogged about a recipe I used off the back of one of their cans of broth. They sent me 3 to try and I have been so busy that I haven't had the time. I'll do it for sure after my vacation this week!
FOODalogue said…
Came to you today via your listing in the Foodie Blogroll. I just bought the Culinary broth and was thinking it would make an interesting post (if I liked it :). Glad you did. Nice blog!

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