Rosemary and Onion Foccacia

Last weekend, we made some impromptu plans to have some friends over that we haven't seen in quite awhile. I always enjoy these type of get-togethers so much because they are casual, and not over-planned. Without fail, they always come together so easily, and it helps that our friends enjoy good food as much as we do. We really must do it more often!

Initially, we were going to bring in pizzas and keep it extremely simple by only making appetizers and dessert. Well, after My Husband had pizza at poker the night before that simple idea was traded in for a different dinner plan. To keep things simple, we decided that making Chicken Cacciatore as the main dish would still be a simple and delicious way to go. Next, I was thinking that the Olive Oil Pizza Dough I had in the fridge (from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day) would give me a chance to try making focaccia to go with our meal.

I've made the Olive Oil Pizza Dough a couple of times now. The first time, I used it to make the Pizza Bubble Ring, which has quickly become a favorite with My Boys. The dough is pretty easy to work with and lends itself to several variations. For our dinner, I wanted to try the Rosemary and Onion Foccacia.

The process is very straight forward. The onions are sliced very thinly, then sauteed in olive oil until just softened. Then, the onions and fresh rosemary are sprinkled over the dough, with a bit more olive oil drizzled over the top.

To say that this recipe was a success would be an understatement. It had just the right combination of flavors and it was so simple to make! If you don't already own, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking, you should consider getting a copy. You won't regret it... and having the master recipe to have fresh baked bread any day of the week will make it so completely worth it!!!

Looking for some other ideas for bread recipes? Check these out:
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Aggie said…
I've got to make this focaccia. It looks awesome. I have the book, but have been intimidated....I'm not much of a baker.

Love those kind of get togethers...I may have to steal your menu for my next one!
Anonymous said…
Homemade focaccia is hard to beat - you'll never go back to the pre-made variety sold at the grocery store! This looks and sounds absolutely delicious.
I need to make some foccaccia - its such a great thing to have around for sandwiches, appetizers, etc.
Maria said…
I love foccaccia, yours looks absolutely amazing!
Anonymous said…
You are on a baking roll! "giggles" hehe get it "roll".. okay not funny!

I've never made homemade foccaccia, but I LOVE to eat it, this looks amazing Patsy.
Linda said…
Oh this looks really good....
Thistlemoon said…
That looks fabulous, Patsy! I love that book - it has changed the way I do bread!
That Girl said…
I love rosemary foccacia!
Steph said…
Oh how I adore foccacia, and I've never attempted making it on my own. I think I'll give it a try. Warm bread out fresh out of the oven is like heaven!
Kaitlin said…
You can never go wrong with any kind of foccacia. It's one of my favorite things, and yours looks magnificent!
Maris said…
I've been dying to make focaccia bread ever since I got a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I can't wait to try this one!

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