A New Chocolate from Amano!

From Family, Friends and Food

When I found out that Blake Makes was offering up a giveaway of a new Amano Artisan Chocolate, I signed up immediately! I was lucky enough to sample some of their earlier offerings last year, and couldn't wait to see what their new bar would be like.

One of the things I love about Amano's chocolates is the packaging. It's so creative and really catches my eye. Yes, I can be swayed by a pretty package... that's how I have found some amazing wines as well.

The main thing I love about their chocolates is the flavor. If you are a true chocolate lover, then you will understand that the way they make their chocolate in small batches produces something truly beyond what you'll find elsewhere. Each bar has the unique flavor of the cacao beans that are shipped directly from the source. Their latest bar is called Jembrana which is 70% Dark Chocolate. In the case of the cacao beans used in this chocolate they are imported directly from Bali rather than sent to Java where they are typically blended with Javanese beans. Amano has already received high praise for this new chocolate as one European critic noted "that this is best chocolate yet." I imagine this is only be beginning.

From Family, Friends and Food

Just look at the richness of this bar. It's flavor has hints of coffee and a bit of nuttiness. It's something you'll want to allow to melt on your tongue to truly appreciate the depth of flavor. Please take a moment and check out the Amano website, you'll find greater detail on their chocolate making process and what makes their product so special. You'll also be able to order bars directly from them for your own enjoyment.

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Linda said…
Oooo, I could take a bit out of that right now!
Maria said…
I will have to look for this one! Looks good!
Megan said…
Fed Ex just showed up and I got mine! Whoo-hoo, Great chocolate!!!
Great write up too!
Allison said…
I just got mine in the mail a few days ago from Blake Makes... Can't wait to try it!

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