A Lighter Dessert for Bunko (Easy Chocolate-Caramel Brownies)

Last time, I shared the appetizer I made for Bunko. This time, it's all about the sweet ending. I made Easy Chocolate-Caramel Brownies (click HERE for the recipe). I found the recipe in The Complete Cooking Light Cookbook. I have had a lot of good luck with this cookbook and that's why I keep going back to it.
caramel brownie 2a
I have to say that it's taken me some time to master brownies in general. This recipe is fool-proof since you start with a cake mix. You really can't mess these up. You will want to make sure to wait until they cool completely before cutting into them, otherwise you won't have these nice clean cuts to show off the layer of caramel in each brownie.
caramel brownie 1a
These decadent little bites clock in at 122 calories! And, they don't taste like they are light at all. With the combination of chocolate and caramel, your sweet tooth will be sufficiently satisfied. Although, there were a couple of people at Bunko who went back for more... can't say I blame them, as they were THAT good!
This is a treat you can indulge in without all the guilt. Of course, that is if you can resist going back for 3 or 4 or 5 of them. In that case, these brownies are just as guilt-ridden as the traditional brownies.
Here are some other treats that look like they are worth the calories:
Recipegirl made S'mores Bars and I'm thinking I will be making these sooner rather than later. They would make a nice afterschool snack for My Boys.
With a dessert that includes oats and apples, Sass and Varacity's Maple Oat Apple Crisp sure sounds like it's a healthy option, right?
Finally, if you subscribe to the "everything in moderation" way of eating (and can stick to it!), check out the Fudgey Toffee Brownies that Deborah at Taste and Tell made recently. Truly decadent!
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Anonymous said…
These don't look light at all... talk about all the pleasure and zero quilt!!! I am practicing the "in moderation" (two choux creams tonight) and 10,000 steps... ah.. but so worth it... I really like your photos = )
Chef E said…
At first glance I thought you said 122 per bite...scared me...was thinking about making some today...I see you have a Jersey Food Bank on the side bar...I think I will do the same...great job!
Caramel & chocolate = delicious! These look wonderful!
That Girl said…
It's hard to believe that something that chocolately would be "light!"
Peabody said…
They don't look light they are light at all...I agree with everyone else. Yum.
gaga said…
I never would've guessed that those were light. They look just as decadent as any other.
Shelby said…
LOL, I have to go out and buy a cake mix just so I can make these! Grumpy will give me a real funny look when he see's a cake mix in the house! They look awesome!
Anonymous said…
These look delicious! I believe that is one cookbook that is not currently in my collection. I will have to check it out. It's always nice to know that someone else has recommended a cookbook!
Cakespy said…
I'm echoing the rest--you say they're light, but they don't look like they suffer at all for it! Yum.
Anonymous said…
Those brownies don't look light at all.

I am going to have to try them.
amycaseycooks said…
With only 122 calories each I can eat more than one, right?!
Deborah said…
You can never go wrong with caramel in brownies - and with only 122 calories, I'm definitely in!!
Sandie said…
I just found these under TasteSpotting's all time most viewed---when I saw how scrumptious they looked and how they won't ruin your diet, I had to come & check them out! Delicious, Patsy...they look absolutely delicious!

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