Everyday Food: Sauteed Chicken with Tomato Relish

A couple of months back, a neighbor of ours who is in Girl Scouts was doing a fundraiser where they were selling magazine subscriptions. After looking at the list - just love how they do it all on-line now - I decided to subscribe to Everyday Food. It's that little magazine from the Martha Stewart line of magazines. She really does have quite the media empire!

The first one I received was the January issue and the cover stated that there were "41 easy, healthy recipes" inside. With the gluttony of the holidays behind us, in more ways than one if you know what I mean, this appealed to me right away. The first recipe that caught my eye, and I do love an appetizing picture, was the Sauteed Chicken with Tomato Relish and Spinach (click HERE for the recipe). The colors were bright and the ingredients were healthy and light.

chicken with tomato relish 1a

This was very simple to pull together with ingredients I already had on hand. The chicken was a simple saute - nothing special on it's own (My Boys were thrilled with it just plain), but once you added the tomato relish it was taken up a notch. The tomato relish had just the right combination of sweetness from the tomatoes and acidity from the lemon juice and capers. Not over-powering at all. All this for only 343 calories per serving, not too bad for a meal that is satisfying and healthy.

I would suggest that if you pick up fresh spinach it would be much better than frozen as the side to this dish. The frozen was just not impressive at all. Also, a nice salad would be a great accompaniment to this dish. I tossed the leftover tomato relish with some pasta, and that made a great lunch to take to work the next day.

Here are some other weeknight meal ideas for you:

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Sugarlaws made a Garlic Roasted Chicken that can be on the table in under an hour on a weeknight.

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Sara said…
I love Everyday Food, it's probably my favorite magazine. I also have their cookbook, which may be the book I use most often - I've made 50-60 recipes from it!
Mary Bergfeld said…
I just took a look at the recipe and it is really easy to do. I'll have to take a better look at the magazine. You always have something interesting for us. It's fun to come here.
Deborah said…
I keep debating whether or not to subscribe - I have a hard enough time keeping up with the 2 magazines I do subscribe to - but with recipes like this, it sounds like such a good magazine!
Karen said…
Such an easy dish to prepare! The tomato relish sounds great... lemon & capers would really add some yummy flavor!
That Girl said…
There's something so easy about sauteed chicken.
pam said…
I also love Everyday Food magazine, the cookbook, and the cooking show on PBS! This looks great!
Heather said…
mmmmm. that tomato relish sounds divine!
Dragon said…
Sounds like a great magazine. I love the colours in this dish. Yum!
Leslie said…
I love all the spinach!
I could live on spinach!
RecipeGirl said…
Looks great. I just re-subscribed the other day. I'm also going on your rec. for that other magazine you told me about- thanks! Yay for eating healthy!
I don't have time to read anything...I just go to the web and get the recipe.
I love this dish...think adding some feta cheese would be good?
test it comm said…
That does look simple, tasty and healthy!

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