Chili for a Cold Snowy Day

When it gets cold and snowy outside, it's time to restock the freezer! So, when the forecast was for snow all day on Saturday I made a plan to get some cooking done. First up was making another batch of My Husband's favorite Vegetable Soup. It's a very simple soup, and can sit and do it's thing for a few hours without much attention. While that was going, I made another batch of Chicken Broth, followed by my Chili.

I shared my Chili recipe last year, but this time I tried something a little different. I was contacted by the people at Amazing Taste a few weeks back and they offered to send me an assortment of their seasoning packets. Always looking for something new and tasty, I said I'd be happy to try them out. Usually, I pick up a packet of chili seasoning from the grocery store. I never really paid much attention to the ingredients until I was comparing what was in the Amazing Taste Chili Seasoning. The Amazing Taste packet has no ingredients that I can't pronounce in it, which is a great way to begin! The packet I usually purchase has similar basic ingredients, but also had some "extra" ingredients that I couldn't tell you what their purpose is in the seasoning.


This is the picture from my original post. Didn't manage to remember to take one yesterday! I'd like to think my food photos have improved since last year.

What did we think of the substitute? Well, for a $0.99 packet of seasoning, I'll be heading to my local store that carries it instead of my old seasoning. When opening the packet, the seasonings smelled fresh and exactly as I expected for my Chili. This seasoning is not overly spicy (hot), which is my preference as I tend to add a bit of extra chili powder to my chili anyway. I wouldn't want to overdo it.

I've got a few other packets to try, and I'll be sure to let you know what we think as we sample them. They make quite a variety of seasonings, and if your local grocery doesn't carry them you can still purchase them on-line.

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Mary Bergfeld said…
Patsy, thanks for the heads up about the new spice mixture. I'll keep my eyes open for it. I love your chili recipe by the way. Stay warm!
Anonymous said…
Keep warm.. snow kept trying and trying to fall.. but "sigh" no snow did I see but a single "flake" it is finally winter cold rarely snows...

I could have Chili anytime, it is so filling and legumes are good for us!
Patsyk said…
Thanks, Mary. The seasonings are so fresh and all natural. I wouldn't be sharing them here if I didn't think they were a great product.

Girl Japan - so funny that you look forward to snow while I dread it! Maybe if our winter hadn't started so early, I wouldn't mind it so much. Chili is definitely great anytime!
Linda said…
Yes, this is certainly chili weather. I have my recipe posted on my blog. Hope you check it out!
This sounds good and makes work a little easier!

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