2008 Food Blog Award Kick-Off!

Head on over to Well Fed to get the latest on the 2008 Food Blog Awards!

The nomination period starts today and runs through the end of the week. Next week, the voting begins! Head on over and nominate your favorite Food Blogs in any one of 14 different categories.

Winners will be announced on January 26th! Head on over and nominate your favorites today!

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Mary Bergfeld said…
Patsy, I feel like a dunce, but I can't find a place to make nominations. Help if you can!
Mary Bergfeld said…
I've nominated you in the food/family category.
Patsyk said…
Mary - that was really sweet of you!

If anyone is having trouble figuring out how to nominate your favorite blogs... go to the link I gave in my post. Then, scroll down that page to the category you want to nominate the blog in, and leave a comment. That's all you need to do! Let me know if you need help getting there!

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