Make Your Own Chicken Broth!

I know we all keep some of those boxes (or cans) of chicken broth on hand since they are so convenient. However, when you try making it yourself it will become clear why you should keep some homemade broth on hand. It is so much more delicious. Your soups will have a deeper, richer flavor. I don’t mind using the boxed varieties when cooking weeknight dinners. Time is of the essence and I don’t always remember to think ahead to dinner time when I’m packing lunches in the morning.

There are a couple of different ways you can make your own broth. The traditional way is to get a big pot out and put it on the stove. Then fill your pot with your chicken bones that you’ve saved from your roasted chicken dinners. You cover the chicken with water and add your carrots, onions, fresh or dried herbs. Then you proceed to let the whole thing simmer quietly on your stovetop for several hours. The way I’ve been doing it recently is similar, but a bit faster since I use my Pressure Cooker. I haven’t been talking about it as much lately and really do need to break it out more often. When I make broth in my pressure cooker, it’s done in just about 1 hour. That includes time to bring it up to high pressure, allowing it to cook at high pressure and then using the natural release method.

With either method, it is still necessary to strain out all the solids from your delicious new broth. Once that is done, it is recommended to chill it overnight. If you live in an area of the country that has cold weather like we do, you can put your pot right out in the garage (I don’t like to put it outside since we have a few animals that visit overnight and would probably knock the lid off for a nibble). In the morning, simply spoon off the fat that collected on top.

The resulting broth will be perfect for your favorite chicken noodle soup or matzah ball soup recipe. It’s so worth the effort that you’ll want to keep some in the freezer all the time.

Looking for some fantastic soup recipes to use that homemade broth? Well, check out these blogs for inspiration:

The Crabby Cook made a Tuscan Bread Soup that would be a wonderful treat on any cold day.

Recipegirl uses up leftover turkey (or you can use leftover chicken) to make her Creamy Mexican Turkey (or chicken) Soup.

Go visit A Thousand Soups and you'll find step-by-step instructions on making your own Wonton Soup at home. Yum!

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I love making homemade chicken (and turkey) broth/stock! It's a great way to use the carcass of a whole roasted or even a store bought rotisserie chicken/turkey!
Anonymous said…
I love my own stocks as well. They taste better, you kow what is in them AND they cost less.

It is a win win all around!
Anonymous said…
WOW, you are still cooking, baking, blogging.. how do you do it all??? And chicken stock.... Shame on me... I've never done it.. but I am gawking at your flickr to the right of the blog.... your pie looks fabulous!!!
RecipeGirl said…
Thanks for the shout-out! Happy Holidays to you!
Chef E said…
You go girl...busy busy busy you are...great post!
test it comm said…
I like to make my own chicken broths and stock whenever possible.

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