A Gathering of Friends

I recently received a new cookbook by Michelle Huxtable, A Gathering of Friends. She has taken the bull by the horns and rather than going the route of a big publishing house, has self-published this book.

The concept behind this book is that each meal you share with friends is one that will bring you closer together. It is a special occasion and should be treated as such. I can appreciate that concept because I enjoy entertaining my friends (and family) and sharing with them recipes that I love.

In this cookbook filled with color photos of each recipe, you will find an assortment of recipes that are organized as complete meals. At the end of each section is a shopping list that you can use to purchase each ingredient.
Also, included is a place for making notes about the recipes at the end of each section. The only knock I have on those pages is that the pages are rather dark, so making notes that you can read may be a bit difficult. I know many people who prefer to keep their cookbooks in pristine condition, so that is probably not a drawback for many people.

Due to the size of the book, it may not fit perfectly in your bookcase, but would be a nice addition to a coffee table book collection. As friends are relaxing and talking before a meal, they might be enticed to pick up the book and find some interesting new recipes to try for themselves.

This is a book filled with recipes that range from the simplest recipe (including some convenience products in the ingredient list) to a more complex main dish recipe for the experienced home cook. There are also tips and photos showing how to set your table so that it projects the mood of event you are sharing with your family and friends.

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Veronica said…
I love the title of the cookbook. I'll have to keep a lookout for it (maybe add it to my Christmas List!)
Carla said…
Sounds like a good book.
Tanya said…
I've seen this one around and now I will have to check it out. Looks great!
Anj said…
It sounds like a beautiful book. I like your new header too. You have such a nice blog.
Anonymous said…
Wow... the site looks different and looks great!!!! I really need to get more cookbooks esp one's that have the metric conversion in them.. hehe
Shelby said…
This really is a great cookbook! I have it and am looking very forward to using her ideas!!

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