Todd English's bluezoo

I mentioned last week that while we were in Walt Disney World on vacation that we had dinner at a really nice restaurant - Todd English's bluezoo. This beautifully decorated restaurant is located in the extremely posh Swan & Dolphin hotel. We wanted to have one meal that was more about us (me and My Husband) since the primary focus of the trip was giving the boys the time of their lives.

We were impressed from the first moment we entered the restaurant. The service was amazing and our boys were introduced to fine dining. They were a little confused when our server went to put their napkins on their laps for them and with the warm cloths brought to us after the appetizers.

We began by ordering wine, Tolloy Pinot Grigio. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means, but what I can tell you is that this wine was easy to drink and one I've noted to see if I can purchase it locally.

The bread basket had an assortment of breads and came with a fennel butter. Now, fennel is something you either love or hate from what I understand. My Boys love having butter on their bread, but I was a little concerned since they haven't really had fennel before. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they both loved the flavor and kept asking for more of the butter as they munched on the delicious breads.

My Husband and I started off with the selection platter which included lobster tail, ceviche, tuna cruda, jumbo shrimp, clams and oysters. It was served with several sauces for dipping. I discovered that I really love ceviche, but I was the only one at the table who did - that was fine since it left more for me! It was beautifully presented, but I didn't remember to take a picture before we had begun eating it.

For my main dish, I went with their "simply fish" selection. I had mahi mahi with the warm crabmeat, dijon and chive sauce. The sauce was so velvety smooth with small chunks of crabmeat, a perfect accompaniment for the fish. The salad that you see below was nice and crunchy and the perfect compliment to the fish.


My Husband went with the surf and turf, which was a char grilled kobe beef NY strip steak with a butter poached lobster tail. Can you say "melts in your mouth"? OMG! I've never had kobe beef before, and this was cooked to perfection and literally just melted as you ate it. The lobster was as rich as you would expect, and poaching it in butter makes it one of those dishes you should find an excuse to enjoy.

We finished off the meal in the most decadent way you can imagine - a warm chocolate cake with the chocolate ganache center topped with a peanut ice cream. As you know (at least those of you loyal readers do), I adore chocolate and this dessert was pure heaven. As you cut into the the chocolate cake, the ganache kind of oozes out in this little chocolate river. The perfect bite is combining the cake with the ganache and a little bit of the ice cream. Oh boy, just thinking about this dessert is making me want to find a place closer to home that makes it!


Our Boys were so well-behaved at this upscale restaurant that I couldn't be more proud of them. They tried everything offerred to them. The staff was fantastic, and even allowed us to request a substition of plain spaghetti to accompany My Youngest's dinner. He wasn't too sure about the fried fish that we were ordering for him, so we needed something that would make him happy. The fish was a hit with both boys so, overall this restaurant was a fantastic way to end our week in WDW.

Sorry the pictures are not that great - it's hard to take a nice picture of a dish in a darkened restaurant... the flash really washes it out.


Melanie said…
WOW! That sounds like a dream dinner to me...and I'm glad your kids let you enjoy it!
Sounds fantastic! It is great that Disney has such nice restaurants!
That Girl said…
I haven't been to Disneyworld in so long! I'm dying to go back and eat!
RecipeGirl said…
Everything sounds so wonderful! We recently did a Disney trip too and took our little guy to a fancy restaurant for HIS bday. He was so grown up and ordered some exotic ravioli recipe. It's fun to see our little foodies blossom, isn't it?
Mary Bergfeld said…

You described the food so beautifully that I could almost taste it.
Thistlemoon said…
That is so fun that you also just went to the Bluezoo and wrote about it! Wasn't that dessert great????

We had such a great time there at the Florida Foodies gathering. Really made me feel proud that FL has something to offer in fine dining! I just wrote my review too, as well as the other bloggers that were there! :)
Jenny said…
Loved walking through your fine dining experience with you. How nice that your boys were well behaved. I'd be awfully nervous taking my boys somewhere nice! Your food sounded terrific, yum!
Tracy said…
That desert looks heavenly!
Jen DeZeeuw said…
That looks so yummy! While my husband and I were in Las Vegas recently, we ate at the Todd English I am familiar with his dishes. Thanks for the fun review and pleasant reminder of some great eats!
Jen DeZeeuw said…
That looks so yummy! While my husband and I were in Las Vegas recently, we ate at the Todd English I am familiar with his dishes. Thanks for the fun review and pleasant reminder of some great eats!

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