Did You Miss Me?

Probably not since I had scheduled some posts while we were away! If you are wondering where I've been that would keep me from blogging and cooking, take a look below at the wonder that is....


My boys and their first trip to Walt Disney World! We got lucky and the weather was with us and the typical hot and humid Florida weather. That just meant pool time every afternoon and the boys were all over that each day. We were able to visit each of the parks and spend a bit of time there each morning and evening. It felt like we did everything we wanted to without going crazy and trying to do too much. We didn't want the kids to be completely worn out when we returned to our normal life and the start of school.

We managed to have some wonderful meals while we were there, although I did not take pictures at each of them. If you are going to WDW, I highly recommend getting the dining plan. It's plenty of food (and then some) and you can make your reservations well in advance to get the coveted character meals!

We were lucky enough to meet up with My Husband's cousin and her family for dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe in the Downtown Disney West End section. It was so nice to see them and get a little time in with them while we were in their neck of the woods. Even though the visit was short, we enjoyed every minute of it! The food was tasty as well (sorry no pictures... we were enjoying the company too much to stop to take pictures of the food). We had a couple of sushi rolls that were delicious, one was a spicy tuna and the other was a California roll (I think, but my memory on the rolls is a bit foggy at this point). My Husband and I shared the Pizza Margherita and by the size of it, I'd say sharing it was the best for us, too big for just one person. We also had the Beef Satay, and the sauce was this sticky sweet flavor that had me wanting to go back for more. I will have to try making satay at home sometime. My Youngest actually COMBINED his sauce from his meatballs and spaghetti in the same bowl (never happened before), so now I will be searching for a copycat recipe so I can try to recreate that at home!

I'll share more on another nice dinner we had while there later this week. I did take pictures at that one, so I am hoping that they are "blog-worthy".

I plan to be back in the swing of cooking this week, especially since the boys had their first day of school today! I'll share more on that tomorrow.


Welcome back! Isn't Disney great? We went last Sept and was able to get the free dining plan deal. The food was great and much better than I expected.

To answer your question regarding whole wheat croissants. I buy them at ShopRite or Trader Joe's.
That Girl said…
It's wonderful that you were able to take the kids to Disney. I have such fond memories. I lived about an hour or so away for years, and now I'm withing driving distance to Disneyland so its hard to justify a trip across the country - but Disneyworld is SO much better.
Mary Bergfeld said…
I missed you Patsy! Welcome back.
Patsyk said…
Thanks, Lisa! I'll check Shoprite when I do next week's shopping. Yes, Disney was AWESOME! The dining plan was really the best way to go and the food was more than we could eat!

that girl - you must miss being so close to WDW! I'd love to get out to CA one of these days with the boys... I was out there when I was 17 and loved SF and LA! So much more to see though...

Mary - thanks! I'll be checking your new blog regularly!
Deborah said…
I can't wait until I have kids old enough to do that - how fun!! I've never been to Disney World - just Disney Land, and my husband hasn't been to either, so it will be fun when our kids get a little older. Welcome back!

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