Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Seems like there are a lot of people making blueberry muffins lately. I keep seeing posts with new recipes using juicy fresh blueberries out there. I've made other recipes as well, but since I've been trying really hard to watch what I am eating I wanted to try a lightened one. I love blueberry muffins and I had picked up a container of fresh blueberries from the farmer's market last week that was just screaming to be made into muffins.

I found a recipe on Cooking Light for Lemon Blueberry Muffins. For once, I had all the ingredients on hand since I had picked up some low-fat buttermilk for another recipe I ended up not having time to make.

lemon blueberry muffin

The recipe was simple to make and was in the oven within 10 minutes. I had made the Melt in Your Mouth Blueberry Muffins a few months back and those were really wonderful so my hope is that I can find a lightened version of that recipe. As the Lemon Blueberry Muffins baked the scent was mouth-watering. I had visions of making them over and over again before even tasting them. They rose beautifully and the blueberries were really juicy. I didn't make the glaze since I will be nibbling on them for breakfast throughout the week, and I wasn't sure they would hold up well if they were glazed in advance of serving them.

My Oldest is my go-to tester and he didn't care for them. So, I think I have some tinkering ahead of me with the other recipe that he did like. Even though I enjoyed these muffins, I need to find a lighter one that my family will enjoy as well.

If you want to try some of the other Blueberry Muffin recipes that have been making the rounds recently, check out these blogs:

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That Girl said…
I've been meaning to make some citrus and berry muffins!
TeaLady said…
Lemon and blueberry is perfect for muffins. Must try. Look lucious.
RecipeGirl said…
I do like a good blueberry lemon muffin but I agree that finding a low fat one that is tasty enough can be tough. Thanks for the mention :)
Deborah said…
I agree - lowfat muffins are hard. But these do sound delicious!
Pam said…
I love blueberry and lemon together. These muffins look really good. I have a feeling my kids would gobble them up.
Dragon said…
I have yet to find a light muffin recipe that I like. I hope you find it for me. :)
Anonymous said…
It's so hard to find a blueberry muffin everyone can enjoy. Can't we just pretend those huge, delicious, monstrosities they sell at costco are actually good for you? Kthanks. ;)
Jenny said…
I am in the mood to make muffins today, it's rainy and cloudy out. Yours look beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I've had this recipe bookmarked for quite some time now. I love the lemon blueberry combo. Too bad your little guy didn't love them.
I have been making this exact recipe since you posted it, and must say, best I've had! Muffins are a daily make in our home, and this one hits the muffin menu at least once a week.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

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