In Season and a MEME

With the summer harvest in full swing and the farmer's markets filled with some incredible produce, I wrote a couple of articles for Growers and Grocers at the Well Fed Network. Be sure to take a peek and you may find some inspiration on how to use some fantastic produce!

Now, on to a MEME. Lia over at Swirling Notions tagged me for an interesting MEME. I have to answer the following questions: Are you a morning person or a night owl? What would you do (related to food and/or drink) if you could change your ways and become the opposite?

Well, I guess I am a morning person- or rather a later morning person when my boys allow me to sleep past 7 a.m. On most mornings I try to get up and do my walk/jog by 5:30 a.m. so that I can get my exercise out of the way before the day gets started. If I wait, it's likely not to happen at all.

Now, if I could change my ways and become a night-owl, my sleep requirements would have to seriously change. I'm one of those people who really does need about 8 hours or else I become difficult to be around. So, assuming that could happen...

  1. I'd spend more time tinkering with recipes and trying to enter some cooking contests. Right now, there just isn't enough time to tinker with them and remake things so that I'd want to subject myself to rejection from perfect strangers.
  2. Since I would have some additional quiet time to myself, I could also spend more time looking for more tidbits of information to share in my blog posts and play around with my food photography. I think both have improved, but I have to do it when the boys are asleep so that I don't take too much time away from them.
  3. One thing I hardly ever do is make those overnight breakfast dishes because by the time I can get to it, I'm too tired. So, I'd take the time to make one of those overnight stuffed french toast recipes... oh, and the ooey-gooey cinnamin rolls! I made those years ago (before the boys were born) and they were so good! Now, I'm going to have to make them since I'm thinking about them again. To wake up and have breakfast nearly made except for putting it the oven sounds so wonderful.
  4. I have a few foodie fiction books I borrowed from the library, and if I could become a night-owl I might be able to actually get started and finish them. Right now, it looks like they'll be returned un-read because there are so many other things I end up doing instead.

Well, now that I've shared what I'd change if I could be a night-owl, I need to pass this MEME on to a few other bloggers to see what they would do:

Kristen at Dine and Dish

Joelen's Culinary Adventures

Deborah at Taste & Tell

Vicarious Foodie

And, anyone else who wants to play along! I have so many blogs in my Google reader that I can't possibly tag EVERYONE! Have a great weekend!


Deborah said…
I, too am a morning person! Thanks for the tag. I'll warn you that I've been really bad at participating lately, though!
If only we had more time! If you get a chance, it is really fun to do recipe contests.As much fun as blogging:)
Anonymous said…
What great answers! And I'm so impressed your up and running before 5:30 . . . oh my.

Thanks for playing!

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