Grilled Chicken Seasoned with Galena Street

Penzey's has quickly become my new favorite source for spices. I guess it's a good thing there isn't one close by as I'd probably stop in every few weeks just to see what I could add to my collection. In just one trip to their store, I picked up more spice mixtures than I probably really needed but oh did they all smell so wonderful. I just couldn't go home without a varied selection. Another spice mixture that I purchased was the Galena Street Rub. This blend has nutmeg, sage and cayenne in it. It does have a kick to it, but not until the end - it kind of hits you just after you are about to take your next bite. It's not completely overpowering, otherwise I wouldn't be able to eat it.

You can use this blend on ribs or chicken, but I opted to use chicken breasts this time as that is what I had on hand for dinner. I did a light sprinkle of EVOO over each chicken breast and then sprinkled the spice blend over each one and then rubbed it in to help it adhere to the chicken. I let them sit for about 15 minutes while the grill was heating up.

This is a really nice and flavorful way to make a simple grilled chicken dinner. You can also slice the chicken and put together your favorite ingredients into a tortilla and make a wrap. Once the wrap is assembled, allow to heat for a few moments on the grill on each side to create grill marks. The wraps have quickly become a favorite with my family, and if the boys don't really like the chicken as it is prepared we just throw it into a wrap and they'll eat it anyway! Shhhh... don't tell them, but they ended up enjoying it anyway.


~Amber~ said…
I bought this mix a while ago but for whatever reason haven't tried it yet. You have inspired me to use it, thank you!
Jenny said…
This chicken sounds so yummy! I kick myself for not buying anything at Penzy's last time I was there. It used to be just a few miles from where I used to work. I hear their spices and rubs are the best around. Have a great 4th!
Megan said…
Im taking notes on your recommendations. After vacation, I want to put in an order but there are so many to choose from. Since I cant smell them, I'm taking recommendations!
Thanks for the recommendation! There's a Penzey's sort of close to me and I've been meaning to make a trip there for a while. I'll definitely keep this in mind.
Chef Jeena said…
I would love to eat this in a tortilla wrap yum.

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