Strawberry Moon Festival

When I came across a new blog, Cooking in Cleveland, I noticed that OhioMom was hosting a Strawberry Moon Festival blogging event. I'm happy I found out about it as the deadline for submissions is tomorrow, June 18th! If you have some strawberries hanging around, get creative and you may just make it under the wire!

For my entry, I went searching for something to make that would not require me to run to the store and buy more ingredients. I found Fresh Strawberry Jam on the Cooking Light website. Boy, do I love finding new light recipes over there! This is so simple it's almost ridiculous that I needed a recipe to make it. But, having never made homemade jam before I did need some guidance.

strawberry jam-1

If you have very sweet strawberries you won't need to add as much sugar, so let your tastebuds be your guide. My Oldest loves strawberry jam sandwiches, so for his last few days of school he's getting a sandwich made with even more love than usual. If you have some strawberries just hanging around and you are itching to give something new a try, this is worth the little bit of effort. In about 1 hour you'll have jam! Let it chill in the fridge until you are ready to add some to your toast, bagel or English muffin!
strawberry jam-2


OhioMom said…
Great minds think alike, I just made my first ever batch of strawberry freezer jam ... :)

Thanks for your entry in the Strawberry Moon Festival.
Finla said…
Delicious jam ,too late knowing about the event as i posted myy strawberry 2 weeks ago and no it is too late to sen them :-(
well for next event then
That Girl said…
Great idea! Homemade strawberry jam is fantastic, but so intimidating for me!
Chef Jeena said…
Looks delicious! :-)
Jenny said…
There's nothing like fresh strawberry jam. It looks so pretty and summery!
amycaseycooks said…
Just the recipe I need. A bunch of strawberries on the brink of becoming a science project in my frig - not any more!! And if you can believe it, we are out of jam at our house.
Patsyk said…
Next I have to try freezer jam, but may wait for Jersey peaches to come in... strawberries are starting to turn on me lately.

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