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I've been trying to eat more salads to offset some of my indulgences lately. I've been looking through some older Cooking Light magazines for inspiration. Some people might think keeping magazines for years is a little crazy, but sometimes I do go back and look through them. I've actually tried to go through and just pull out the recipes that I think I'll want to try to sort of reduce the amount of "stuff" I am saving. Anyway, I still have all the 2007 magazines and pulled the June and July issues. In the July issue there was a spinach salad that had grilled red onions with a bit of sesame oil drizzled over them. I loved that idea and wanted to give the sesame oil a try this time. I made the salad very simply and with the little bit of oil on the onions, I didn't need to add any dressing.

sesame grilled onions-1

I also sliced up some chicken and used a teriyaki marinade that had soy sauce, apple juice, and brown sugar in it. It was really simple and added just a bit of flavor. My Husband wasn't in the mood for salad, so he decided to make some grilled wraps using the chicken, grilled onions, spinach and provolone cheese. He grilled the wraps on both sides to warm then then sliced them so that everyone could enjoy small slices of wraps. Other than the provolone, it was my salad in a wrap. The boys gobbled them up as if they hadn't eaten all day. Everyone was happy at dinner tonight!
sesame grilled onions-2


That Girl said…
I keep ALL my old Cooking Lights....I think they go back to 2003! I have a separate shelf for them.
Deborah said…
This is why I keep all of my old magazines. I often find great inspiration from them!
Anonymous said…
Cooking light is a great magazine to keep! Used to have binders full of them, but through moving no longer have them, sadly. This dish looks wonderful - and healthy, too!
amycaseycooks said…
don't you love when everyone is happy at dinner time?
Patsyk said…
Good to hear I'm not the only one with a collection that goes quite a ways back. At one point I had every issue back to 1997! I've gone through a lot of those now and pulled the recipes I thought I'd like to make, so the pile is much smaller and LIGHTER! LOL!

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