Salmon and Grilled Asparagus

First, I must apologize for the lack of posting recently. With summer comes more social commitments and lately... less cooking. I hope to get back into the swing of cooking more and really focusing on some lighter recipes. With all the gatherings throughout the summer, it's easy to indulge so I want to start focusing on being healthier during the summer.

To get started with the healthy weeknight eating, I found the Brown Sugar and Mustard Salmon in the June 2008 Cooking Light. I love Dijon mustard, and the combination of it with brown sugar created this spicy-sweet sauce on the salmon. The recipe said to cook it skin side up directly on the grill, but I opted to put it on a piece of foil (skin side down) and grill using indirect heat. It cooked perfectly in 30 minutes. Now, I've had bad experiences with glazes and such on salmon, so I decided to do "salmon 2 ways" (typical of what the Top Chef cheftestants do... I watch too much food reality TV!). I chose to just drizzle a little EVOO on one half of the salmon for the less adventurous members of my family. This worked out well as the boys had no interest in trying the glazed half. My pictures of the salmon came out a bit fuzzy since they were taken while it was cooking on the grill.

Next, I decided to grill up some asparagus. I was able to find some good looking spears at the grocery (which is always a nice surprise since their selection can often be less than appetizing). I simply tossed them with some EVOO and grilled until they looked "about right" to me - just softened up a little and some had nice grill marks. To finish them off, I added just about a teaspoon of champagne wine vinegar. I loved the addition of the vinegar to offset the sweetness of the grilled asparagus. A perfect side dish to go with salmon.


I had the opportunity to go into NYC on Sunday for a day out with a couple of my girlfriends, and I'll post about our lunch out tomorrow.


That Girl said…
I love Dijon mustard too! It's my go to ingredient
Anonymous said…
This is my kind of meal... bookmarked to try! Thanks!
Can't wait to hear about your NYC day out.
Jenny said…
I agree, summer gets busy, sometimes less time for cooking and blogging! However, your salmon sounds terrific and the asparagus looks perfect! Have a great day!

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