Happy Father's Day - and a MEME

First things first... I want to send out a Happy Father's Day wish not only to My Husband, but to My Brothers, My Father-in-Law, Uncles, Brother-in-Law and good friends. My Dad passed away nearly 7 years ago, and I do miss getting to wish him a Happy Father's Day each year. He so would have enjoyed my 2 boys, but I figure they need someone watching over them as they grow older and he's the perfect one to do it.

To celebrate this day, I made My Husband one of his favorites, BBQ Baby Back Ribs. There's really not an actual recipe for this one - other than patience and looooow heat on the grill. They take just under 2 hours to grill this way, and they really are worth the wait. I do something most of the grill masters will tell you never to do... I do a light basting of bbq sauce on them before they go on the grill. I know, you aren't supposed to do that, but I find that the flavor of the sauce has more time to get into the meat this way. So, I ignore the rules on this one. Then, I go and baste them a couple more times when they have been cooking 1 hour, then at 1 hour and 30 minutes. I used KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce this time around, I really love the flavor and didn't want to mess with them since it was for My Husband's special day. I'm not the biggest fan of ribs - too messy and not enough meat for all the work. This time, however, I lucked out and the baby back ribs I bought had to be the meatiest I've ever gotten from my butcher! I even enjoyed them! My Oldest is now a big fan of this "eat with your hands food", and he got a kick out of trying to eat everything off the bones until they were cleaned... I'll have to make them more often this summer so he can perfect his technique!

Now, I have a bit of catching up to do today. I've been tagged with a MEME by 3 different food bloggers: Megan of Megan's Cooking, Cara at Cara's Cravings, and Jaime at My Burnt Toast. Sorry for the delay, Ladies, but I'm sure you all understand how things get busy!

The rules: Each participant answers questions about himself. At the end of the post the participant tags 5 people. Their names are posted letting them know they’ve been tagged. They then have to read the participant’s blog. The tagged let’s the tagger know when he’s posted his answers. Here we go!

What was I doing ten years ago?
Let's see... we were still living in an apartment, and soon as summer hits we always start heading for the shore... so, my guess is that if it was a weekend we were either hanging at the boardwalk or the beach. Weekdays... just working.

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:
1. Food shopping
2. Return videos
3. Make dinner to celebrate Father's Day
4. Catch up on ironing (scary how much there was!)
5. Watch The Next Food Network Star so I can post my round-up for Edible TV tomorrow.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Make sure we put enough aside to cover college tuition for both boys, take some incredible vacations, spend lots of time with all of my loved ones.

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. chocolate
2. vanilla yogurt with granola mixed in
3. graham cracker sandwiches with icing in the middle (haven't had them in years, but boy are they delicious!)
4. Special K Protein bars
5. fruit

Places I have lived:
Various locations in Kansas City, MO
Northern NJ

I tag:
Ruth @ Once Upon a Feast: Every Kitchen Tells it's Stories
Cate @ Sweetnicks
Deborah @ Taste and Tell
Stacey @ Simply Tasty
Katie @ Good Things Catered

Have fun!


Megan said…
Thanks for playing Patsy! And I know how busy life can get.
Love the baby backs. Yours look sooo good. :)
They look delicious! You have a lucky husband!
That Girl said…
Yum! This just solidified my idea to make baby back ribs for my upcoming party!
Ruth Daniels said…
Great looking dishes and thanks for the tag. I'm planning to do a giant catch up on all meme tags this week - perfect timing ;)
Stacey said…
Thanks for the tag, Patsy! MEME's are always fun. The ribs look awesome!
Jenny said…
Oh those ribs look incredible Patsy! You spoiled your hubby good!

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