Girl's Day Out in the City

On Sunday, it was a girl's day out in NYC. I was lucky enough to go into the city with two of my closest friends - and we were celebrating a birthday as well. So, a great day was in store! A huge bonus is that it was just us girl's and we left the kids with the husbands for the day. This post will be a bit of a diversion from my normal recipe sharing.

Our first destination was La Rivage, a lovely French restaurant on "restaurant row" near the theater district. It is a quaint restaurant and a nice bonus is that it is very reasonably priced for NYC. They have a prix fixe menu for $22 per person, not easy to find a bargain like that in NYC. In spite of the heat, we all decided to go for the Lobster Bisque with Saffron and Sherry. What I think we all liked best (due to the scorching heat outside) was that it was not a really creamy soup - that would have been too heavy on a day like that. For my entree, I indulged in Coquille, Bay Scallops, Shrimp, Mushrooms and Onions baked in a Cream Sauce. This was served with a rather ordinary (but still tasty) rice and honey flavored carrots. It was really wonderful, and worth every calorie for a splurge. For dessert, I chose the Peach Melba which was served with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry sauce. It was not an overly sweet dessert and was cool enough to make going back out into the heat a bit easier.

Our next destination was to surprise our birthday girl with a matinee of Legally Blonde - The Musical. If you have seen the movie and enjoyed it, you'll love the musical. It follows the movie closely, but the music is certainly a nice surprise and the choreography is fantastic! It's a shame that Laura Bell Bundy will be leaving the show because she really embodies Elle Woods perfectly! Now, I am not sure I'll be able to watch the new reality show The Search for Elle Woods after seeing Laura Bell Bundy in it. I got a glimpse of the show before going in to see the musical, and what I saw was not very impressive. Perhaps they were still in the elimination phase and hopefully, it will get better because the lucky winner will be starring on Broadway.

I'll be back to posting recipes and sharing my attempt at healthy cooking in another day or so, our Youngest was home today so while he's doing fine we took it easy together today. No real cooking tonight, basically whatever he wanted for dinner he got... and that was a grilled cheese sandwich.

Photo courtesy of Legally Blonde on Broadway.


Sounds like you had fun despite the heat! The restaurant sounds wonderful.
That Girl said…
I always am a little suspicious of musicals based on movies. I like the element of novelty when seeing a show. Glad to hear this one is good so I can add it to my list!
Jenny said…
Sounds like you've had some fun! I loved Legally Blonde, so I bet I'd love the show! Have a great weekend!
Steph said…
Too fun! I would die to be able to go into the city anytime I wanted! My dream for sure!

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