Finally... a New Post!

Sorry, for the lack of posting lately. Between a weekend filled with pre-school graduation, end of Little League season party, birthday party and a play date... I got hit with a virus that had me sidelined for a few days. So, no cooking or really anything was going on... when the person who does a lot of the cooking goes down for the count things do tend to slow down a bit. Luckily, I have a Husband who will cook for me in these cases and he did come through and made sure we were well fed the last few days.

Besides getting sick, I also had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday yesterday. I have to say, I got some of the BEST BEST BEST gifts EVER! I've got some new cooking toys!!! The first one I'll introduce you to is my DeBuyer Stainless Steel Swing Mandoline! He actually got me the red one, which is really cool looking. I can't wait to start slicing and dicing - so to speak. I'll share my other goodies later, can't give it all away in one shot, right?

He also made me a fantastic meal, which I didn't manage to take pictures of before digging in... after a few days of no appetite it, it came back and I needed some serious nourishment. We had grilled steaks SMOTHERED in garlic, fried pasta and corn on the cob. Oh, yes, absolute comfort food and one of my favorite meals ever made by My Husband.

Thank you to everyone who managed to visit my blog during the last few days looking for new posts. I promise I'll be back to regular posting now that I'm healthy again!


That Girl said…
I'm glad you're feeling better! Happy belated birthday and what a cool new mandoline.
Cool toy! Happy birthday!
Leah said…
Ooooh, I'm so jealous! I've always wanted a nice mandoline! You'll have to try it out and give us a birthday is coming up and I'll be needing something to ask for!
Patsyk said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I am feeling better, although it took me a few days to really be back up and running around the kitchen again.

I'll be sure to share how my new mandoline works. I'm still learning how to use it since it has some really interesting cuts that I can do with it.

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