I'm Back, and a New Seasoning!

Sorry for the lack of posting this past week. We were gearing up for going to Arizona to visit family and not a lot of cooking was going on while I got us organized for the trip. We are home, a bit tired but happy from our vacation.

For me, one of the highlights was going to a spice store in Scottsdale, Penzey's. I have been getting their catalogs for quite some time but haven't ordered anything. I just wasn't sure if it was really worth buying spices mail order. Well, if you get a chance to visit the store, you'll find a really nice assortment of spices and seasoning mixes. I picked up quite a few that really appealed to me (or My Husband, he was quite a help while shopping!).

Even though we just got home this afternoon, it was time to get back to normal and eat a healthy dinner. Keep in mind that when we go to Arizona, we take the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic Mexican food... just loved Rosita's and for quick Mexican food, Rubio's really hit the spot. So, tonight it was time for a salad! I used Penzey's Florida Seasoned Pepper blend on some grilled chicken breasts. It was really tasty, but beware the pepper has a bit of kick. I enjoyed the citrus flavor and I know I'll be using it throughout the summer months.

Penzeys Florida Seasoning

If you get the chance to visit a Penzey's don't delay, go check it out! If you don't have one nearby, request their catalog and make your shopping list! The catalog also has recipes using their spices and mixes. Can't beat that!


Leah said…
Well wha-dah-yah know, Penzey's is headquarted right here in little old Milwaukee! One tiny claim to fame I guess. ;-)

Your chicken salad looks so fresh and healthy....I could use one of those after all the junk I ate this weekend!!
Anonymous said…
The salad looks so good and healthy, too, a nice bonus! :)
Steph said…
Welcome back! Your salad looks absolutely delicious! Sounds fantastic!
That Girl said…
I need to get to a Penzeys!

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