Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to to everyone celebrating today! My boys were very good to me this year and it's been a rather nice day. My Husband made pancakes for breakfast, and he gave me the new Top Chef The Cookbook! I'm enjoying reading through it, but really don't think there's much I will actually make from it - at least not so far. My Oldest gave me the sweetest little flower pot that has a flower with a picture of him growing out of it. So cute! My Youngest made an adorable butterfly card at school and it has a sweet picture of him on it as well. I'm a lucky Mom!

I couldn't completely stay out of the kitchen today, so I decided to bake up some cookies from another new cookbook,Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share (Martha Stewart Living Magazine). I have to say, that this cookbook is truly fantastic! A picture of nearly every recipe and they go together pretty easily. A lot of the recipes are repeats from the special cookie magazines from Martha Stewart, but they are all in one place now!

After going through the 50 pages that I have marked to try, I settled on the Giant Chocolate Sugar Cookies. It is Mother's Day, and I love chocolate so I figured that the cookie should be something I could really enjoy. Now, when I saw that these were giant cookies, I really didn't think they'd be that big... until I got out my ice cream scoop to portion them out. I just love using the scooper for drop cookies so easy and they all end up looking exactly alike! This recipe makes between 6-8 cookies, and they are each about 4 inches wide. Yes, you read that right, these are as big as bakery cookies. They have a wonderful cakey texture and are crisp at the edges. They have to be some of the simplest cookies I've ever made and they are so delicious!


That Girl said…
Chocolate sugar cookies? What a cool twist on a classic
Jenny said…
Ooooo, these sound delectable Patsy! Happy Mother's Day to you! It's hard to stay out of the kitchen isn't it?!! I couldn't resist tonight either!
Cate said…
Oooh, those sound like a delicious twist on sugar cookies.
Megan said…
These sound very good indeed. one cup butter for 6-8 cookies. They have to be sinful!!!
Mama Mia said…
Sounds like you had a great mothers day! these cookies look so yummY!!! mmm
I have made these and they are so delicious!
Steph said…
They sound delicious! I have never had chocolate sugar cookies before, these sound delightful!
Patsyk said…
that girl & cate - oh, yes, these are worth a try since they improve on the traditional sugar cookie!

Jenny - yep, they are delectable! Happy Mother's Day to you (a bit belated!).

Megan - they are a "treat" with all that butter!

Lina - I did have a nice mother's day. Thanks for stopping by!

Patricia - I couldn't resist making them after seeing the picture.

Stephanie - they are so good, you may not want to go back to the "usual" sugar cookies!

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