Fire up the grill - for Pizza?

Who doesn’t love pizza? Well, except for my youngest who only likes melted cheese and no sauce, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like pizza. In the summer, it’s more fun to cook outside on the grill than to heat up an oven and be stuck inside. Enter a new cookbook that will save the day: Grilled Pizzas and Piadinas!

This cookbook not only has beautiful pictures of the finished dish, but step-by-step pictures that help ensure that you are preparing each pizza or piadena to perfection. The Author, Craig Priebe, gives excellent instruction on making the pizza dough and grilling it. I found it to be really helpful since I have not grilled pizza before, or made dough at home. I referred to the pictures several times to make sure I was rolling out the dough correctly and to know what to look for when the crust was ready to flip on the grill. When you are ready to begin grilling, you should have all your toppings ready and waiting near the grill.

Grilled Pizza-2

The crust is starting to bubble and will soon be ready to "flip".

There are tons of pizza topping variations and recipes in this cookbook. The book does have a recommended list of toppings that work well together, and I ended up using that as my guide for our first pizzas. I wanted to use ingredients I had on hand already. So, in addition to a simple cheese pizza, we also had one that had bits of pesto, mushrooms, black olives, cheese and marinara sauce on it. It was so nice and crispy, just the way we like it. I'll be making many more recipes from this cookbook as the summer months get here.


That Girl said…
True story: The first time I ever made grilled pizza was also the first time I ever made homemade pizza dough. I forgot that I'd have to deal with the whole "dough rising" part and our pizza took HOURS to prepare. By the time it was ready it was almost bedtime and I was almost in tears.
Mama Mia said…
pizza looks great! Ive never tried making one from scratch before. I should try that sometime soon.
amycaseycooks said…
I haven't made pizza on the grill in years. I may have to try it again. Your pizzas look great.
Leah said…
Patsy, I'm so impressed that you grilled pizzas. Besides grilled fish, grilled pizzas really freak me out! I should really try it this summer. Face my fears, right?! ;-)
Bonnie said…
This is such a great idea !!
Jenny said…
Grilled pizza sounds so good right now. Your pictures are making me drool! I think it's about lunch time!
test it comm said…
That pizza looks good. I like the sound of a grilled pizza!
RecipeGirl said…
So you just put the dough directly on the grill? No stone? Interesting. I'd love to try grilled pizza one of these days!
Steph said…
I've always wanted to try grilled pizza, but haven't been brave enough. I looks great, and so delicious!!!
Susan @ SGCC said…
The pizza looks great! I've eaten grilled pizza before, but haven't made it myself. Sounds like a fun thing to try.
Anonymous said…
OMG! This makes the most amazing pizza!!! It has become my family's favorite dinner & I love it because it is super easy (I cheat & buy the dough at Trader Joe's), very little mess, and I don't heat up the house by using the oven (here in Phoenix, that is a HUGE bonus). The best part is I can try tons of different toppings.
Patsy, I have that same book now!
(I won it from Bryce over at

It's an awesome book loaded with very inspiring combinations.

Two weekends ago, I grilled pizza for the first time. I took the author's quick tip of using Pillsbury's pizza crust. IT ROCKED OUR WORLD!

We had 4 hungry adults & 3 kids to chow down on 3 big rectangular pizzas. The real fun came during the midway point, when I brought in the half grilled crust and we each topped a section of pizza for ourselves.

The smoky flavors and the charred bits of crust made for the best pizza we have ever eaten. I don't think I'll be able to go back to my pizza stone in the oven now.

The other night, I grilled chicken, orange bell peppers, onions and multi-grain tortillas for another go at grilling pizzas. The tortillas made an excellent crispy crust too!

I'm writing about my whole pizza grilling experience this week, and of course, I have pictures.

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