Crispy Panko Butterfly Shrimp

Panko Shrimp

Last weekend we were shopping at Costco and they had some large shrimp at their seafood counter. We've been happy with the quality before, so we decided to buy them and didn't really have a plan on how we'd use them. Of course, this was the same trip where we picked up our latest cookbook that I've been talking about the past few posts.

We found a recipe for a breaded Butterfly Shrimp and decided that was worth a try. This is a pretty simple dish to prepare. The only part I was a bit uncertain about was butterflying the shrimp. I didn't want to destroy them in the process. Fortunately, they were pretty large in size so I had enough to work with and it was very simple to do. When breading the shrimp, you need to really make sure to coat all the exposed surfaces with the panko bread crumbs. That will give you the best results.

Since we were already in the "frying" mode, we decided to fry up some Chinese rice noodles. The way they expand when they hit the hot oil is really pretty cool to watch. So, we served the shrimp over a bed of the crunchy rice noodles.

Now, to simply say that the shrimp were good would be stating the obvious. Who would turn down a fried shrimp? Pretty much anything deep-fried is going to taste good, that's a no-brainer. I doubt we'll make it very often because the clean-up afterward took quite awhile. It was worth it though, those shrimp were so yummy!

After this week of frying up fish and shrimp, I think we are going to have to spend the next few weeks focusing on lighter recipes!


Madeline said…
I for one cannot resist fried shrimp either. Those look delicious!
test it comm said…
Perfectly golden brown panko crusted fried shrimp...mmm...
Deborah said…
Yum! This sounds perfect!
Isn't panko the best? I use it all the time on chicken and just love it.
RecipeGirl said…
Yes, you're right. I would never turn down fried shrimp!! Yummy!!

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