A small food adventure

After our Supper Club, we were anxious to make some more Asian style dishes. We went through our new cookbook, Wok & Stir-Fry Fabulous Fast Food with Asian Flavors , and selected some more recipes to try. So, off to the Asian market we went to buy ingredients.

While we were there we noticed that they had fresh fish. By fresh fish, I mean they were still swimming! After a bit of discussion between My Husband and myself, we decided to give the fresh tilapia a try. Once we got home, My Husband had to skin and fillet the fish. I have to give him credit as I don't know that he's ever done this before and he really did a nice job.

We decided to do a panko breading on the fish and a simple pan fry so that we could enjoy a nice crispy result. We served it with a simple white rice cooked in chicken broth to add a bit of extra flavor and more of the steamed dumplings. It was a wonderful meal, and something I am sure we'll do again. I think I'll add some additional seasonings to the panko bread crumbs next time just to change the flavor a bit.
Panko Tilapia


Thistlemoon said…
Looks delish! YUM! I love Tilapia.
Elle said…
Oh wow--that looks fabulous! Nice and golden brown...yum!
That Girl said…
I don't know that I ever thanked you for getting me to try panko - so Thank you!

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