Just Grillin'

It was such a warm day, almost like summer here but without humidity in NJ today. Soon as we got home, we didn't bother with spending time inside. The boys had their snacks outside on the patio and we decided that we should eat dinner outside.

After looking through what I had on hand, I opted to go with KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce. Now, I know there may be other sauces out there that are great and everyone has a thought on what's the ideal seasoning combination. I tend to like a sweeter sauce over the spicy-hot sauces. Also, since I grew up in Kansas City I remember this being the sauce my Dad always had me brush on the burgers or whatever we might be grilling throughout the summers. Luckily this sauce is available nationwide, so I can pick it up easily.

What are your favorite barbeque sauces? Do tell! Leave a comment and tell me what brand you like and why. I'm always interested in finding new sauces to try throughout the warm months, so bring'em on!

Another one I like but, it's not sold nationwide is by Gates Barbeque. They make a sweet and mild sauce that I really enjoy, and next time we go back for a visit, I'll be picking up a couple of bottles to bring back with us. If you can't make it there, you can visit their website and they'll be nice enough to send it right to your home. Don't you just love modern technology?


Unknown said…
I'm a fan of Stubbs sauces, they taste great and have lower sugar content... which may not quite be to your tastes! Ever tried dinosaur bbq sauce? i loved their restaurant but haven't tried the bottled sauce
That Girl said…
I really love the Trader Joes' BBQ sauce - its sweet and smokey
Patsyk said…
I haven't tried the Dinosaur sauces, but have been wondering how they are since they are at my local supermarket. May have to pick up a bottle and just give it a try.

I didn't realize that TJ's had a bbq sauce... looks like I have something else to add to my shopping list!
Tracy said…
I like the Dinosaur BBQ sauces. I think the one I like the best is the sensuous slathering sauce but the Mojito one is different and good.

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