HUGE Matzo Ball Soup

Monster Matzo Ball Soup

Now, I know I have posted about Matzo Ball Soup before, but this time I quadrupled the recipe in order to make them larger per my Husband's request. I also decided to use my large ice cream scoop to help make them more round without having to literally "get my hands dirty". My previous attempts at making them with my hands have not yield round Matzo Balls... rather odd shaped Matzo blobs. The scooper really makes easy work of them and totally made the purchase worth it!

Now, by making the Matzo Balls larger, it will require a longer cooking time than if you make them "normal" size. If you don't cook them longer, you will have fluffy "outsides", but a solid "inside". The goal with the Matzo Ball is a nice fluffy almost dumpling like texture, although this can be debated depending on preference. There are some people who prefer a firm Matzo Ball, while others like them fluffy. Do what you like, it's all good in the end. This reminds me of a children's book that we have, The Matzah Ball Fairy. It's a cute story of a Jewish mother who wants only to make the lightest fluffiest Matzo Balls so that her family will be pleased when they come for The first night of Passover for Seder. Of course, a bit of fun ensues when she overdoes the special "dust" when she thinks if a little is good, then a lot will be better. If you have children, I highly recommend this book.


Hi Patsy!! Sorry I've taken so long to post a comment - I LOVE your photographs... is there a way to see all of them at once - like on flickr? BTW, must make a comment about how every time you mention your husband, he gets a capital M and a capital H. Too funny. Way to ego stroke!!

Patsyk said…
Hi, Larissa! I didn't know My Husband had shared my blog with you! My pictures can't compare to yours, but if you want to see them all at once, they are on flickr. In the sidebar, I have a link that shows 3 of them at a time, if you click on it you'll go to the whole set on flickr.
Deborah said…
I have never actually had Matzo Ball Soup before, but it is something I've always wanted to try!
Patsyk said…
Do give it a try, it's supposed to cure whatever ails you, too! ;)

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