Getting Ready for Passover (Simple Egg Salad)

Passover begins tonight, and we will be celebrating the first Seder at my Husband's aunt and uncle's place. Luckily, it's beginning on a weekend so I can spend time preparing some of our favorite things to eat for the week.

I just made up a bit of egg salad that we'll spread over matzahs for snacks and for lunch. Matzah is an important part of the holiday and we will be eating it quite alot over the next week. The reason for eating Matzah is tied to when the Israelites were forced to leave Egypt very quickly they did not have time to allow their baking bread to rise. So, in rememberance of this we do not eat any leavened bread. We also will not eat pasta or rice during the upcoming week.

There really is no specific recipe for my egg salad. I "eyeball" everything I put in it. I use a bit of mayo, mustard and dried dill. I like adding the dill as I think it brightens up the flavor of the eggs.

I'll be sharing additional Passover recipes over the next week, so stop on by to see what's cookin'.


Anonymous said…
That looks lovely. I love egg mayo and I love matzo, what a great combination.

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