Asian Themed Supper Club part 2 - Baked Crab Rangoon

Not too long ago, I came across a recipe that Cate at Sweetnicks made - Baked Crab Rangoon. I've been reading her blog for at least 2 years, and have enjoyed reading about her recipes and the tidbits she shares about her family. Do drop on by and see what she's been cooking as I am sure it's something that will make your mouth water.

Now, when I first moved to New Jersey I was never able to find Crab Rangoon on a menu at a Chinese restaurant. Being from the Midwest, it seemed that was actually something that could only be found out there. In the last couple of years, I've seen this delicious appetizer appear more frequently. If you've never tried one you may want to make this recipe. It's quick, simple and definitely brings the flavors together.

This appetizer went over really well at Supper Club, and they disappeared very quickly. I'm always happy when my contribution to the meal is such a hit. I do have to agree with My Husband on this one, that I'd prefer them sealed up a bit more. They were really good and and the filling was delicious, but there's just something about the pretty little bundles when they are sealed. So, next time I make these I'll try sealing them up, probably with less filling. This will end up making more, but I don't see that as a bad thing at all!

crab rangoon


That Girl said…
Supper club sounds like so much fun!
I've never had these before but I love crab so I'll have to try it. Looks great!

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