Zesty Citrus Chicken - Light and Fresh Flavors

With the hope that warmer weather is on the horizon, I decided to make something that had the flavors of summer for dinner. Yes, I know in New Jersey we'll be hanging on to cooler temps for at least another month but a girl can dream, right? I like to go back through past issues of Cooking Light every once in awhile to see if I am inspired by something that I may have missed when I first received the magazine. This time I went back to March 2007 and found Zesty Citrus Chicken.

This recipe requires a lot of zesting and juicing, but the flavors in the sauce are worth it. Once the chicken is ready to finish cooking in the oven, you add a sprinkling of lime zest and brown sugar over each chicken breast and then top with orange slices. The sauce that is created from this combination is so fresh and really brings thoughts of summer days in the sun to mind.

The only complaint we had is that after the chicken finished baking in the oven, the crispiness was gone - to the point of being on the "mushy" side. This may be due to my oven not behaving as it should - the heat is a bit off and I have to make adjustments to compensate in addition to some other issues. I don't think this is a problem for others who have made it since I read the reviews of the recipe on the Cooking Light website and it was rated high by everyone who took the time to review it.

I think I will make this again, and perhaps make a couple of modifications. One thought is to still finish cooking the chicken in the oven, but to complete the sauce on the stovetop. Then, pour the sauce over the chicken after it comes out. Then, the crust might retain some of it's crispiness.

Zesty Citrus Chicken


test it comm said…
This orange chicken dish does sound tasty. The chicken looks really good with the orange slices on them.

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