There's a Whole Lot Going on in this Salad!

I made a 5 Minute Salad from Ellie Krieger’s new cookbook. Yes, I keep going back to it for new ideas and inspiration lately. This recipe is a reminder how easy it is to just throw a few ingredients together and you have a nice salad to accompany any meal. Sometimes I skip the whole salad idea because I don’t feel like chopping up the usual things we like in our salads such as green and red bell peppers and mushrooms. Some nights, I am busy with the main dish and don’t want to add to the prep time by preparing a nice big salad.

The ingredients in this salad really provide a lot of flavor and different textures. I think you could use this as a jumping off point to create whatever combination suits you or whatever you happen to have on hand. The dressing was very good, and not overpowering as some balsamic dressings can be. I think even adding some nuts for some crunch would be a nice addition as well, as I am still thinking of the wonderful crunch from the walnuts added to the Whole Wheat Pasta Salad I made the other day.

5 minute salad

Of course, not all new recipes can be winners and, I have promised to share the good, the bad and the ugly… well, I won’t bore you with the less than appetizing picture of last night’s pork chops. Another new recipe, but from a cookbook I haven’t used before – Everyday Food, Great Food Fast. The recipe was simple enough, you brown the pork chops in a skillet over high heat. Well, the amount of olive oil in the recipe made it difficult for the pork chops to get the pretty brown color that was in the picture in the cookbook. I continued on anyway. After browning them, you add water to the skillet and bring to a simmer and let cook for another 10 minutes or so. Can you say tougher than shoe-leather? Nothing could save them at that point. If I decide to revisit this recipe, there will be some serious modifications made so that they can be enjoyed once they are prepared. Oh well… another lesson learned!


test it comm said…
The salad sounds tasty and hearty. I especially like the goat cheese. :) I often toss any leftover beans that I have into salads. I also often toss various kinds of nuts into salads to give them some extra flavour and a different texture.
Tracy said…
I am so going to try that salad. I have grape tomatoes in my fridge threatening to get squishy so this will use them up.

Too bad about the pork chops. I've made them into shoe leather, too. Easy to do.
Patsyk said…
Kevin - I am starting to really branch out beyond our "normal" salads, and I find I am enjoying eating salads once again. I think I was getting bored with the same ol' same ol' salad.

Tracy - yep, pork chops are so easy to overcook... and I have to remember to go with what I think is the right thing to do rather than always going by the recipe. It's those times when I just know better, but I still don't do what I think is right that causes a problem!

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