Simple, Delicious - Garlic Shrimp

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between Garlic Shrimp and Shrimp Scampi? They are similar dishes, but the primary difference is that Shrimp Scampi includes white wine in the recipe. I didn't realize the recipes were so similar until we bought some really nice large shrimp from Costco yesterday. We got home and were trying to decide what to do with them. In going through recipes on the internet we came up with our own version of Garlic Shrimp based on what we had on hand.

It was quick, delicious and we'll be making this again! Be sure to watch the shrimp closely because it is very easy to overcook them. Some nice crusty bread would be perfect with this to soak up that yummy garlic sauce!

Garlic Shrimp
This is a quick post as I am trying to make changes to my blog template, and some are not working as I had hoped. Please bear with me while I try to get things set-up the way I'd like!


test it comm said…
I was wondering what the difference was. Either way, they are both great ways to enjoy some tasty shrimp.
I would win my son with that meal. He loves shrimps.
Finla said…
I love shrimps and if there is garlic in it I just love it
Camilla said…
Patsy! So glad I found your blog, I love it! I've been having fun reading back posts. The shrimp sound so good--we have a few bags in the deep freeze, I think I'll have to try this at tsome point this week!
Tracy said…
I didn't know the difference between the two! Thanks for the info.

I know what it's like to tinker with the blog. It seems I'm never done.

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