Crisp, yet Chewy Triple Chocolate Cookies

Ellie Krieger has a new cookbook out, The Food You Crave. If you have ever caught her show on Food Network, you already know that she has some wonderful, healthy recipes. I don't always get to watch her show, but I have made a few of the recipes that are on the Food Network website. My cookbook arrived late last week, and I took some time to go through and mark recipes I wanted to try. Now if you saw my cookbook, you would see probably 20-30 colored post-it notes stuck inside, it's so colorful! Luckily this cookbook does have some beautiful pictures for some of the recipes, just not for all of them.

In addition to providing nutritional information on each recipe, Ellie also gives tips for healthy eating throughout. I think the one thing I can appreciate about her view of healthy eating is that nothing is off limits. She breaks things down by Usually, Sometimes and Rarely foods. Which I interpret to mean everything in moderation - it's the moderation part that most of us have a problem with when something tastes really good.

I dove right in today and tried my first recipe from the book - Triple Chocolate Cookies. These are very simple cookies and they do not make alot. I did, somehow, overlook that the recipe called for all-purpose flour in addition to the whole-wheat flour and missed adding it all together. In spite of that, the cookies turned out crisp on the edges and moist and chewy in the middle. I will have to make them again and include the all-purpose flour to see how that affects the cookie besides the dough not being quite as "wet". They did spread, so it is important to follow the instruction to place them an inch apart on the cookie sheet.

The cookies were very satisfying with the 3 different types of chocolate that were included. These are not the type of cookie that you won't be able to stop at one, rather they will satisfy that chocolate craving without all the guilt at only 110 calories for one cookie.



The look good.

I made her banana cream pie and our garbage ate it. It was tasteless.
Megan said…
I'll have to try these! I like that they dont make a ton. I have a problem with moderation! And there is only 3 people in my family.
My mom taught me if your gonna heat up the oven, you might as well make a double batch. I gotta get her out of my head! LOL
test it comm said…
Those triple chocolate cookies look good!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Ellie Krieger has so many good recipes. Thanks for sharing this one.
Patsyk said…
Thanks, everyone! Both of my boys have enjoyed these so much, that I will probably double the recipe next time around.

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