Cook's Illustrated - Chicken Piccata

I love piccata sauce. It's a simple sauce and the addition of the lemon really makes it taste light and fresh. So, when I was looking through the the Cook's Illustrated Light Recipe magazine and I saw Chicken Piccata I knew I'd be giving it a try.

Now, if you've ever read a Cook's Illustrated magazine, you know that they go into great detail as to how they came up with the perfect way to prepare a dish. It was interesting to read how they determined the proper way to saute the chicken breasts in order to prevent them from becoming dried out or tough and rubbery. By coating the chicken breasts with a light dusting of flour, then sauteing in a small amount of oil it creates this really nice crust on the chicken while keeping the chicken moist.

As for the sauce, I think it was good but not phenomenal. My Husband enjoyed it and while I liked it, I have to say that I like Rachael Ray's Chicken Piccata Pasta Toss better. I can even get that recipe done in 30 minutes. I know it's not light, but it is good and the leftovers are always wonderful. If you have some extra time to devote to making dinner, give the Cook's Illustrated version a try, but if you are like me and dinner needs to be quick and easy I'd go for the Rachael Ray recipe!

Sorry there's no picture. I wasn't happy with how it photographed and I just couldn't post it!


That Girl said…
I love that recipe! My friend and I used to make dinner together about once a month. This was the first recipe we attempted!
RecipeGirl said…
I'm always happy with a CI recipe- they test the heck out of things before they publish their final version! I haven't tried the RR version, but I'm always up for a quick and easy too.

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