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Last Friday, my boys were off from school and after a morning play date I promised a trip to the library. Unfortunately, I didn't realize our library was closed for Good Friday. So, off to the bookstore we went. After going through the children's section and making a couple of selections, I cruised over to the magazine section for a quick look - quick only because I had my 2 boys with me! But, in that short little trip, I managed to find not one, but two special edition Cook's Illustrated magazines! One was all Light recipes and the other was a compilation of of the best recipes from CI, Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen.

The first recipe I decided to give a try was the Chicken and Broccoli. I'll link to the recipe at a later time as their recipes are a bit long and I am already tired from a day at home with a sick little guy. I got a late start making this and ended up skipping the sundried tomatoes which would have been a nice addition to the dish. This is definitely NOT a 30 minute meal by any means. My Husband makes a chicken and broccoli dish that goes together very quickly and tastes pretty much the same as this one. Needless to say, we'll probably go back to that one since this one was very labor intensive.

I have a few other recipes from the CI Light Recipes that I plan to make over the next few days, so stop back by to see if they are really the "best" of each recipe but lighter. I sure hope so as we are trying to watch what we eat more closely and still want to enjoy some favorites.

Chicken and Broccoli CI


I find this problem wit a lot of CI recipes -- they may be the "best", though it's hard to say for sure, but they are often quite involved. Will be fun to see if you come up with any new favorites -- I'm always tempted to buy those special publications that all of the magazines are publishing now, and occasionally I do. The Saveur special compilations are always great -- my favorite is the Italian recipes.
That Girl said…
My recipe for this style of dish is probably more along the lines of your hubby's - it seems so simple, I know I'd be frustrated with it taking a long time.

But I don't like sundried tomatoes so your picture is far more appetizing than the intended recipe!!!!

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