March 6, 2008

Bunko Minis - Frittatas, that is...

Last night, the Bunko Babes had our monthly game. This month, our host chose “minis” as the theme. We could bring anything that could be eaten in 1-2 bites. I figured there are so many mini desserts that I’d rather bring something savory. So, I went searching for a mini frittata recipe. I did find one with potatoes and ham in it from Cooking Light, but I wanted to use some ingredients on hand so I adapted it.

I came up with Mini Sausage and Cheese Frittatas. While they were really tasty and actually quite adorable, I would definitely recommend serving them warm rather than at room temperature. Using my latest new mini muffin pan that makes 24 muffins, I set to work.

I started out by finely chopping about ¼ cup of onion and then sautéing it lightly in a small non-stick pan sprayed with PAM. Then, I broke up one sweet Italian turkey sausage link and cooked it along with the onion. The original recipe called for 4 egg whites, and I really hate to waste egg yolks so I decided to use some egg substitute in place of the egg whites. I still used to full regular eggs as per the original recipe. I also had some scallions hanging around, so I chopped up about 2 of those. I whisked everything together and then poured into the mini muffin pan. They cooked very quickly in about 10 minutes or so.

My Oldest gave a huge thumbs up to them right out of the oven. I thought they were good, but I think I would go ahead and use all eggs next time and add a splash of milk. I'd also like to try combining chopped pancetta and fontina or even gorgonzola cheese in them. There's more tinkering to be done, but I have posted the recipe for Mini Frittatas in case anyone is interested in giving them a try.

mini fritattas


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love frittata's!!! I make frittata sandwhiches all the time on toasted rolls. Glad to see someone else makes them. I always get weird comments about my frittata making hehehehe. There are alot of "frittaters" out there. Frittater=frittata hater

Patsyk said...

We love them, too! Such a quick and easy meal during the week. My Husband isn't much for the leftovers, but my kids and I will eat them. Means more for us!

Jenny said...

Frittatas are so great!! These little ones are to cute! I love the versatility of them. Just about anything goes!

Susan @ SGCC said...

These look like a great finger food. Kind of like quiche, only better!

Tracy said...

Bunco! I used to belong to a bunco group but it eventually fell apart. It's a fun way to get together!

I make quiche all the time but haven't moved on to frittatas. This post was a good reminder that I've got to try them.

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