Wontons for Dinner

Since beginning my blog, I have had the pleasure of discovering some fantastic new food blogs. Recently, I found Picky Palate which is a wonderful blog that focuses on experimenting with new recipes for her picky family. When I found her recipe for Crispy Southwestern Chicken Wontons I knew I found something my family would enjoy. She gives instructions to either bake them or fry them. In trying to make it a healthy option, I opted to bake them. They were absolutely wonderful! I am already formulating new ways of making them again... maybe an Italian or Greek twist on them next time around... we'll just have to see what combination I come up with next time around.

I need to work on my technique for sealing the wontons. In the initial recipe, it says to put in 1 tablespoon of filling in each one. I couldn't do that since my wontons seemed a bit on the small side - next time I will try to find bigger one's so I can fill them a bit more. In an effort to keep from creating too many more dishes to wash, I opted to fill them on a foil covered baking sheet that would be used for baking them. The egg wash caused them to stick a bit to the foil, so next time I'll fill and seal them on a separate surface to prevent that from happening again.

Overall, they were really tastey and my Husband said several times "these are a make again", which is what he says when he really likes a new recipe. We all chose to dip them in various different "sauces"... my oldest and I chose Ranch dressing and my Husband went for BBQ sauce. I do think they'd be really wonderful dipped in sweet and sour sauce, so maybe next time I'll make sure I have some of that on hand.

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Those wontons look Awesome! (mouth watering)
I've made sure to add your blog to my RSS feed reader, so I don't miss your cookin'.

I have a picky four year old daughter and an eight year old son who will try anything, ONCE.

Moms of picky eaters are the REAL IronChefs of this world.
Patsyk said…
You are being very nice about the picture... it's not my best picture, but the picture on Picky Palate is truly mouth-watering!

I agree, moms of picky-eaters have to be more ingenious than Iron Chefs on a daily basis!

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